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Thread: Sacramento Solons Team Page

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    Sacramento Solons Team Page

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    Sacramento Solons History

    Ball Park:
    Buffalo Park - 1903 to present
    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td rowspan="5" width="40">
    </td><td class="padright">Left Field Line:</td><td>310 feet (12' wall)</td></tr><tr><td class="padright">Center Field:</td><td>405 feet (12' wall)</td></tr><tr><td class="padright">Right Field Line:</td><td>300 feet (3' wall)</td></tr><tr><td class="padright">Foul territory size:</td><td>average</td></tr><tr><td class="padright">Playing surface:</td><td>grass</td></tr></tbody></table>

    Named after the brewing company owned by Papa, the Park was built over an abandoned dump and the outfield walls remain intact with the original barbwire and fence keeping out non-paying patrons.

    Season Standings:

    1903: 79-81; 15 games out of first place
    longest winning streak: 5 games
    longest losing streak: 6 games

    1904: 96-64; 1 game out of first place
    longest winning streak: 11 games
    longest losing streak: 7 games

    1905: 93-67; first place (5 game lead)
    longest winning streak: 17 games
    longest losing streak: 5 games

    1906: 73-87; 5th place (23 games out of first place)
    longest winning streak: 8 games
    longest losing streak: 6 games

    1907: 38-122; last place (52 games out of first place)
    longest winning streak: 3 games
    longest losing streak: 13 games

    1908: 62-98; 5th place (27 games out of first place)
    longest winning streak: 5 games
    longest losing streak: 8 games (twice)

    1909: 82-78; 2nd place (1 game out of first place)
    longest winning streak: 7 games
    longest losing streak: 9 games

    1910: 98-62; 1st place (10 game lead)
    longest winning streak: 8 games
    longest losing streak: 4 games

    Playoff History:
    Divison Titles
    1904, 1909, 1910
    League Championships
    World Series Trophies

    1904 - Solons take 4 of 5 from the Grizzlies in the divisonal playoffs. During the league championship versus the Vernon Tigers the Solons lose game 7 in the bottom of the ninth by a walk off HR.

    1905 - Lost a 6 games series to the Oakland Oaks. The offense was shut out twice, and scored 1 run once.

    1909 - This playoff run was Lucky 7's for the solons, all series went to game 7 in hostile territory. With the worse record of all playoff contenders the Solons edged the Bees in the divisional series, the Stars in the LCS, and finally in a what seemed to be slaughter waiting to happen, pulled off the dramatic game 7 win over the Wanderers to bring home the first ever WS to the franchise of not only the Solons but the first WS for frankspapa in his CSFBL career.

    Major Awards -
    1904, 1905, 1908 Team Preview/Review of the year
    1904, 1908, 1909 Surprise Player of the Year - Keith Herzog,Charles Haynes, Andrew Matthews
    1904, 1909 Manager of the Year

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    Sactown Observer

    Issue 1 vol 1

    by. Artie Pumpernickle

    Rolling up to
    Buffalo stadium one can't take your eyes off the barbed wire covering
    the outfield fences from keeping the unpaying riff-raff out. My
    mission today is to find out who management deems to be on the block
    and what the team foresees for its future. As I stroll up to the gate,
    I am amazed to see a note hanging and the gate locked. The note reads:

    No offical statement at this time please contact frankspapa for further details:

    These players are available for trade:

    C Magana,Jerome






    The Solons are looking for some starting pitching and infield help,
    most notabley at 2B, we could also use a servicable RF.
    players may come available, please inquiry within. We have all intents
    and purposes of fielding a team that will compete for the WS the first
    year of the PCL. We have some stiff competition in our division, but
    with the addition of a few key players we feel that we can achieve our
    ultimate goal.

    Thank You,

    Interesting introduction to a new beat for this first time cub
    reporter. I hope the gate opens soon, I have some hard questions for
    the man that through a late night deal was able to sneak in under the
    cover of the night to overtake an aging team with hopes of playoffs in
    their future. All I can say is the league isn't more than two days old
    and some interesting things have already transpired, can't wait to see
    what the rest of the season has in store.

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    Re: Sactown Observer

    Issue 2 Vol 1

    New Blood

    By Artie Pumpernickle

    As our last visit to Buffalo Park was anything but cordial, I had big
    hopes for our next visit to the home of the Solons. Driving up 11th
    street to the connection with Y, one cannot over look the dark wooden
    fence with the rows of barbed wire mentioned in the last issue. Making
    my way through parking lot around the Kripp Casino, one wonders how
    much influence, gambling, will one day have over america's game.

    The walk to the gate, Im mentally hoping that Im not greeted by an
    impersonal note taped to the gate, and hope to finally meet the man
    running the show. I get to gate and am suprised to see a smallish man
    in a bowler cap smiling my way. As he takes the half cigar out his
    mouth, his boustrous voice hits me, "Welcome! The Solons and I are glad
    to finally meet the hand that will tell our story for generations to
    read. Today is going to be an exciting day. We'll get to that soon

    What followed after the intial greetings was Papa's
    vision of the Solons for the years to come. This inital season of the
    PCL is going to be a dog fight, a fight this owner hopes to come out on
    top. An initial bid of 38 million bought the solons and in under a
    week Papa has made two contraversial trades bring the yearly salary of
    the Solon's to almost 44 million dollars. The contraversy comes from
    the extensive use of draft picks and a few fan favorites to land some
    out of towners with big names. Just like the barbed wire on Buffalo
    Park's fence, it's hard to remain on the fence about these trades. The
    only way for one side to be right is for the season to begin and then
    we can determine with hard facts how the trades made the team better or

    Solon's Press Release:

    March - Killian,Jason, Lawrence,Gary, Haynes,Charles, 2nd rnd pick in 1903, 1st rnd pick in 1904 traded to Vernon Tigers for Walsh,Thomas and Parkman,Efrain

    March - McCall,Daniel, Smith,James, #12 pick in 1903, 2nd rnd pick in 1904 traded to Portland Beavers for Morales,Joshua, Wiener,Donald, Mortensen,Brian

    In total five players and four picks have been traded for five
    players. For rabid fans of the Solons, it was hard to see Killian, the
    future of the PCL, go but in return the Solons recieved a premiere
    starting pitcher in Walsh. Tommy Walsh is determined to show the league
    and the fans that his arm can lead a rotation that has been overhauled
    where only 2 players are from the original roster.

    other big trade saw the addition of Josh Morales, the young Mexican
    Bambino, bring his bat and glove to a much beleaguered<span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: 'Times New Roman';">
    infield. Also the addition of two great arms in Wiener and Mortensen
    complete the top half of the rotation and ensure a difficult task of
    any team playing the Solons.</span>

    <span style="font-size: 12pt; fo

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    Re: Sactown Observer

    Issue 3 Vol 1

    1903 Pre-season Report

    Batting: B; The combination of Morales/Lopez give the Solons a one-two punch that not many pitchers will be able to escape. The bottom of the order is filled with scrappy batters that do just enough to get on base to get to the Dos Bambinos.

    Fielding: B+; Overall the team doesn't fit the mold for a great fielding team, but there is potential for numerous Gold gloves in 4 positions for many years. Plus on the bench are 3 good fielders who could fill in and in some cases improve the fielding potential of the team.

    Base running: B-; there are over 5 players that have the potential to be above average runners, the basis for the grade rests sorely on the CF, Lopez. He will be fighting a top the leader board for as many years as he stays in the league for SBs.

    Pitching: A; If this team is to compete it will come down to how well they start and finish games on the mound. Walsh leads a cast of strong arms in the rotation and will compete for the Cy Young Award if he pitches to his potential. Although the lack of a LHP is the only knock on this team, the one LHP they do have is Danny Ferguson, a crafty vet leading the setup role. His main goal is to get the game to the ninth inning where the Solons are expecting the young arm of Byron Edwards to close out games for the next ten to 15 years.

    Overall: B+; The Solons are hoping that they have enough power in the lineup to score just enough runs so that Walsh and crew can do the job that they are paid to do. We are expecting this team to battle for a division that is stacked with high quality teams, minus the Seals, who should be an issue in about 3 years. Taking into account a tough division schedule 90 wins should win the division and is right were we see the Solons, 90 wins. Once in the playoffs it's anybody's ballgame, and we'll cross that bridge when it comes.

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    Re: Sactown Observer

    Issue 4 Vol 1

    Jekel and Hyde of PCL

    By Artie Pumpernickle

    It's always a challenge to open the season on the road. You're excited for the start of the season, but that excitement is quickly met with yelling and beligerent fans from the home team. You forget about the game you love to play and sometimes start to focus on the crowd more than you should. This SacramentoSolons team was no different for the start of the 1903 season. Three series, ten games, away from Buffalo Park, and their adoring fans.

    Overall we learned very little from the first ten games of the season. The first five games the Solons were outscored by 6 runs, followed by the next 5 games of outscoring their opposition by 11 runs. The skipper has adjusted the lineup from the opening day starters and saw an outpouring of run support in the last game where the Solons scored a season high 8 runs.

    The one true bright spot where we all knew there would be one was the pitching staff. Thomas Walsh is every bit as good as the city had hoped. He was able to pitch on 3 days rest during the ten game stretch, which saw him go 2-1 with 22 k and a paltry 2.52 ERA. The bullpen has been lights out, allowing only 2 runs in 13 and a half innings of work.

    Wiener will open the first series at home against the Fresno Grizzlies. The Solons will be riding a 2 game win streak and only 1.5 games out of first in a very competitive division. The skipper hopes he's found the cure for his batting woes, and the pitching should continue it's dominance. How the Solons respond after the 10 game opening road trip will say a lot about the future of the ballclub.

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    Re: Sactown Observer

    Issue 5 Vol 1

    The Draft that Wasn't

    By Artie Pumpernickle

    Much was made, especially in this column about the trades the Solons made to wager their future for glory in the present. Alas, as the season dwindles past this Sactown reporter, the ballyhoo was much ado about nothing.

    Papa and the Solons traded away the #12 pick plus Smith,James, who is 10-3 with a 2.96 ERA, and McCall,Daniel who is batting .280, with 27 HR 98 RBI and a .908 OPS to the league leading Beavers for Morales,Joshua who is batting .260 with 31 HR, 79 RBI and a .836 OPS, Wiener,Donald, 9-11 with a 4.83 ERA, and Mortensen,Brian who started in the rotation but with a 5.42 ERA has now switched to the pen.

    Morales shows promise, Mortensen will be given a shot at the rotation next year, and Wiener still has a few years left in his tank, but overall the loss of the 1st rnd pick could haunt this troubled franchise for years to come.

    The second round pick in this years draft was involved in a large trade with the Vernon tigers, but the ramifactions will be discussed during the next seasons review, because of the involvment of yet another 1st round pick by the solons.

    The only pick made by the Solons was in the 3rd round when they selected 22 year old Doss,Josue. He might not see the big leauges, but who knows with Papa running the show, anything is possible.

    This reporter has the feeling that if Papa coulda traded his own momma for an extra bat this year, he just might have pulled the trigger. Things could be worse in Sactown, we could all live in San Francisco.

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    1903 Review/1904 Preview

    Issue 1 Vol. 2Team in Exile


    By Artie Pumpernickel

    <span style=""> </span>This wasn

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    1904 Opening Day Roster

    Starting Lineup:

    1. Parkman,Efrain; DH
    2. Morales,Joshua; 2B
    3. Lopez,Stanley; CF
    4. Dickerson,Jason; 3B
    5. Hornback,Paul; C
    6. Jeffreys,Ronald; LF
    7. Jordan,William; 1B
    8. Nathan,Gregory; RF
    9. Escobedo,William; SS

    Opening Day Starter:





    Winston,Danny; LR
    Pacheco,Timothy; MR1
    Oneal,Glenn; MR2
    Stanton,James; SU1
    Hill,Larry; SU2
    Edmonds,Bryan; CL
    Wiener,Donald; SP2<a onclick="return playerWindow(2604999)" href="" class="ilanchor">
    Mortensen,Brian; SP3</a><a onclick="return playerWindow(2604186)" href="" class="ilanchor">
    Hinds,Benjamin; SP4</a>
    Ferguson,Daniel; SP5

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    1904 Draft Review

    Issue 2 Vol 2

    The Time is Now

    By Artie Pumpernickle
    Yet another draft is in the books for the mighty PCL.<span style=""> </span>For the Solons, it was just another
    day.<span style=""> </span>This team has decided that instead
    of giving fans hope for the future with young talent through the draft, they
    will dazzle the populace with trades for the present.


    Keeping track of what picks were traded for what players has
    become cumbersome for this writer, but our job is too weed through the mess and
    make sense of the coming and goings of players and phantom picks.


    The 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick in 1904 was discussed in last

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