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Thread: New Commissioner

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    New Commissioner

    I've tried to reach out to Kniman and Hawk-Champ a few times but they aren't active on the forums. We have a bunch of openings and need to make some choices about the way forward.

    The Admin were nice enough to make me a commissioner for the time being.

    I have put in a request for us to chose option B on development. We will get a superflip next time the game updates.

    Secondly, post flip I am going to change us from letters to numbers. I will put the scouting at nearest 5 which will act just like letters but will make it easier to understand.

    We can discuss if we want to change accuracy past that point, but figure two changes are enough for now.

    I will also look for new owners.

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    Re: New Commissioner

    Awesome, thanks.


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