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Thread: Player Development

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    Player Development

    What do you guys think? Option A or B?

    Option A – Leave current players alone – wait for the changes to player aging/development to cycle through the league over time.

    PRO – Everyone will be impacted the same way,
    CON – it will take awhile for new ‘normal’ development to cycle through the league

    Option B – Develop current players extra (superflip) at the next season flip, to jumpstart the transition and make younger players most closely resemble players in the new aging/development model. This is a ONE-TIME option as we move towards more gradual/optional changes to game mechanics. How it works:

    *Players 20-21 year olds will receive one additional year of development
    *Players 22-23 year olds will receive two additional years of development
    *Players 24+ will receive three additional years of development
    *The “superflips” won’t age players extra or add decline

    PRO – Current players under 30 will most closely resemble new players coming into the league.
    CON – All players/teams won’t be impacted the same way – older players will change very little.

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    Re: Player Development


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    Re: Player Development

    I'm inclined to say B as well. In another one of my leagues, I started rebuilding right before the update... and I had multiple top draft picks that I'd drafted under the old system who never developed. I feel for anyone in those same shoes, & I think this is a way to play catch-up a little.

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    Re: Player Development

    i also think B is a better choice , it will take the game much closer to what we once new

    If your league is between 4/25 (draft drop) - 11/2: You are the clear cut ones - I suggest you pause at 11/1 - I'm keeping an eye on leagues, after the update you'd let league flip, I'll pause you, do the superflip, and let you know, and then you unpause.
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