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Thread: New Player Development Model

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    New Player Development Model

    For our league, I suggest Option B to speed up player development. I don't agree with the Pro under Option A, every team will still have a unique change, depending on age and prior development of their players.

    I would appreciate any comments/opinions

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    Re: New Player Development Model

    I’m in favor of b
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    Re: New Player Development Model

    B sounds good to me
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    Re: New Player Development Model

    Comments from CSFBL

    A New Hope has been superflipped, please let your league members know.

    You'll be able to see the impact most clearly in player histories. 20yos should show additional development since last year, 24-28yos probably the most, and then trailing back down to where only rare 32yos have any extra bump.

    Team salaries generally looking to be 5-15 million higher immediately, some leagues likely will want to have a salary cap discussion.


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