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    Quote Originally Posted by romans View Post
    Well, I propose 50 to 70 FAs - 24 to 26 years old. Good to great, so they will all be usable. Some of the best players will not get bid on they will be sent to teams via the reassignment tool. Teams with negatives in the Difference between RS and RA, will score some beefy offensive help and a stud or two pitching help. These players will be renamed as well... currently all I can think of is dead presidents... (trading for these dead presidents will be highly frowned upon)
    I have 2 problems.
    1. As much as I'd like to I would rather not force start these dead presidents. Meaning what can be done if the owner doesn't play the players?
    2. Will the presidents get to their teams before you (we) hungry owners try bidding on them... since not all owners are checking forum this can only happen at the flip (actually I guess it could also happen after the season is over)... so that will have to be the timeframe to shoot for.
    I guess 3... If you would not like to receive 'help' in the form of these presidents... I will respect that however the 60 win minimum is an expectation in this league, evaluate your team and the competition before opting out.

    After the presidents (unless we come up with something better? to call them) are dispersed there should still be a healthy amount of solid young FA to bid on, I wish we could convince everyone just to bid the minimum... but that's another discussion.

    What do you guys think about this?
    If somehow we were organized enough to do this at the end of the season we could get these guys in LM for a flip and click back the age group 23 to 25... might add some much needed excitement!

    More thoughts...please.
    I think just automating them to teams is a little dicey. Every team having to make the choices for their roster makes for more interesting decisions, and maybe doing so while simultaneously lowering the cap to a hard cap of $55 million (at least for one flip) will REALLY help distribute talent evenly. The teams that are competing will see a bunch of talent out there but will have to make cuts to really good veterans on their roster to be obtain them, and even then with the new PSFA changes the fresh batch of players won't be obtainable because their salaries stay at the price that they signed for now (at least if I read the updates right).

    Lowering the cap to $55 million is almost certainly for the best in the long run, and just enforcing it as a hard cap for one off-season helps create a "great reset" of talent. This does hurt teams just beginning to compete though, so all owners who have set up to compete in recent seasons may not appreciate that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by romans View Post
    So this is the first I heard of it but apparently we can get a superflip...
    I will be getting YY on this list! Perhaps some of our LM dudes will actually be starters after all.
    I forgot to mention in my last post that I'm all for a superflip. Even having one in the next 2-3 seasons would help balance the league a bit and "catch up" on development that has been missing.
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