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Thread: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

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    2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    Let me know if you see any issues at all. Lots of errors came up throughout the process but these should all be good. If there is an issue, let me know. Happy CWSgiving!

    The following players have committed to a school:
    CJames Nguyen23South1987000Arizona Stateyes
    2BJohn Jackson18N/A1590000Californiayes
    3BGlenn Anderson17N/A1587000UCLAyes
    PJames Peters17East1574000Purdueyes
    2BKen Solis22Southeast1480000Arizona Stateyes
    PMatthew Johnson18East1436000Texasyes
    PJoseph Bell20East1275000UCLAyes
    LFAdam Linderman18South1254000Arkansasyes
    CChristopher Pruitt18South1242000OK Stateyes
    PJames Cooke18East1240000TAMUyes
    LFAntony Leon18West1211000Arizonayes
    1BRobert McKee17East1205000PSUyes
    PVictor Fernandez17West1163000USCyes
    PHubert Hughes20N/A1156000Alabamayes
    SSTroy Andrew18West1155000Fullertonyes
    PGeovanny Manrique Barnes18West1142000USCyes
    PRoberto Holmes17South1117000Oklahomayes
    1BRoy Durfee19Southeast1115000UCLAyes
    PWillie Jennings19Southeast1113000Alabamayes
    3BCharles Standard17East1102000Notre Dameyes
    CFrancisco Theis19South1096000Arkansasyes
    2BRufus Cullen18East1078000PSUyes
    RFTommy Feldman20Southeast1076000Missouriyes
    3BGarry Foley17N/A1074000Fullertonyes
    PWilliam Hennings19South1066000Oklahomayes
    PJoseph Sanchez19South1057000Oklahomayes
    RFNicholas Jenkins18West1019000UCLAyes
    PLarry Miller18Southeast1002000Tennesseeyes
    3BBrian Barrett20N/A1000000USCyes
    PRaymond Zuniga18Southeast990000Missouriyes
    SSDouglas Diggs17West971000Arizona Stateyes
    PLorenzo Trivett18West969000Arizonayes
    PReince Carlyle20West968000Arizona Stateyes
    CRobert Espinosa17N/A968000Missouriyes
    SSRobert Rodriquez20East968000TAMUyes
    PMark Burns17East967000Arkansasyes
    LFHenry Schwenk17West963000Iowayes
    LFJaime Fast20N/A961000Miamiyes
    PLazaro Johnson18Southeast957000Appalachianyes
    CFRobert Swinson18Southeast951000FSUyes
    PJames Rome17East949000Notre Dameyes
    2BRaymond Watt20Southeast925000TAMUyes
    3BDavid Lumpkin17East924000PSUyes
    1BHector Wilson18East915000Iowayes
    PJames Avent18Southeast907000Tennesseeyes
    SSEugene Ball18East907000Ohio Stateyes
    CRoyce Wilson17N/A902000Alabamayes
    2BGeorge Bowman18East897000Ohio Stateyes
    2BJoe Chapman18West872000Californiayes
    PTerry William17West870000USCyes
    PNathan Robles17Southeast866000FSUyes
    PSean Stallcup19N/A866000Alabamayes
    PHenry Swift21N/A865000Ohio Stateyes
    3BAndrew McLeod20N/A855000Appalachianyes
    PRobert Hooker21West849000Arkansasyes
    3BJose Lewis21N/A848000Iowayes
    SSJason Webb20South810000OK Stateyes
    PHerman Partington19East675000Purdueyes
    1BGerardo Lee23East663000Purdueyes
    PAdam Stanley23Southeast530000Ohio Stateyes
    PMichael Patel20South519000Nebraskayes
    CJoseph France20N/A510000Nebraskayes
    CFBrent Woodham19N/A480000Iowayes
    PJohn Raffa19N/A443000Nebraskayes
    SSDonald Patterson22South442000Arizona Stateyes
    CFAntonio Spear20Southeast434000Purdueyes
    CFCharles Brookshire20West417000Texas Techyes
    PJohn Backman20N/A335000Purdueyes
    The following players were sniped
    2BGeorge Powers18N/A812000Texas Techyes
    SSJames Orem17West713000Miamiyes
    CCesar Hsu20N/A709000Miamiyes
    2BDennis Banks18Southeast708000Texasyes

    The following players have made a Top 3 list and can only be recruited by the listed schools in the final round. They will choose a school.

    PosPlayerAgeRegionSalaryTop 3Top 3Top 3
    PXavier Cadiz19East1160000PSUMiamiNotre Dame
    PDomingo Flanders19East1138000PSUNotre DameFSU
    PGeorge Kitchen18South1063000OklahomaTexasIowa
    3BThomas Darnell17South971000Texas TechOklahomaArkansas
    RFKalon McDonald17South968000FSUTexas TechArkansas
    PNathan Jaramillo18East894000Notre DamePSUFSU
    PArthur Kratz19East875000Notre DamePSUIowa
    3BDavid Davis18West850000USCFullertonCalifornia
    PWayne Wendler19West849000CaliforniaFullertonArizona
    PDan Nino17East848000OK StateNotre DameTexas Tech
    3BRamon Handel19N/A848000MissouriTennesseeUCLA
    CFArturo Johnson18Southeast834000UCLATennesseeAlabama
    RFEduardo Dearing18Southeast831000AppalachianMissouriTennessee
    CFRodney Cervantes17East824000Notre DamePSUNebraska
    PJulio Anderson18N/A821000Notre DameTennesseeArizona
    LFFrederick Lu19N/A821000OklahomaArizonaMissouri
    PJay Welch19Southeast818000FSUMissouriTennessee
    PMike Starns17Southeast816000MissouriTennesseeAppalachian
    1BHenry Gonzalez19West813000ArizonaCaliforniaTAMU
    PJordan Torres18Southeast792000TennesseeAppalachianAlabama
    CRussell Dow18West791000CaliforniaArizona StateFullerton
    2BJustin Page18N/A784000IowaTennesseeOklahoma
    LFCarl Ramos17Southeast781000AlabamaAppalachianTennessee
    PMarvin Harris19Southeast775000AppalachianMissouriTennessee
    LFEdward Williams17Southeast775000MissouriAppalachianTennessee
    LFChristopher Marshall18N/A769000OklahomaUSCTennessee
    PClark Decker20N/A761000FullertonOklahomaAppalachian
    2BSergio Presnell19East755000UCLATAMUTexas Tech
    PHans Carter19N/A723000TexasIowaFullerton
    SSMichael Blair20South715000NebraskaArkansasArizona State
    SSJesse Thomas19South699000TAMUArizona StateArkansas
    3BClarence McElroy19East678000IowaPurdueTexas
    1BCecil Jones21Southeast672000PurdueMiamiArkansas
    RFJames Durant19Southeast668000Texas TechOK StatePurdue
    2BRichard Garibay20Southeast666000AppalachianFSUTAMU
    LFWalter Castle20South663000OK StateArkansasUCLA
    SSIsiah Kobayashi20West661000UCLATexas TechArizona State
    PNathan Singleton20N/A584000ArkansasIowaPurdue
    1BJames Marlowe20N/A526000IowaOhio StateTexas
    PMiquel Stewart21South523000MiamiTAMUOK State
    SSDonald Madden19West480000OK StateUCLAArizona State
    RFJames Dale19Southeast411000NebraskaTexasIowa
    PMark Baker20East398000NebraskaIowaPurdue
    PClarence Cazares20East319000TexasIowaPurdue

    The following players can be recruited by all schools in the final round. All players will choose a school if they were recruited at any point.
    PHarry Pittman18East817000 
    PFred Layman18South802000 
    SSRonald Dennis17South766000 
    PTodd Fulton18Southeast753000 
    PRaul Ries18West731000 
    2BJames Carlson19South730000 
    PFrank Darnell19South719000 
    PLuis Perez19West714000 
    LFDanny McCarty21South713000 
    PBernard Simmons18South708000 
    RFWilbert Williams19Southeast707000 
    PRobert Hartman17South703000 
    SSRobert Mathews19South703000 
    3BJose Roberts17West701000 
    PRussell Bills20South698000 
    PRichard Gooch20South688000 
    PLeon Vines17N/A685000 
    PPerry Langston18N/A685000 
    SSDale Vincent19South685000 
    CNeal Bean20South683000 
    CFJoseph Mondragon19South683000 
    PGeorge Perez18East678000 
    PDavid Spencer20N/A678000 
    2BRobert Dameron17East676000 
    LFCraig Bell22South667000 
    PVincent Warren17West666000 
    CSamuel Anderson20East665000 
    2BTimmy Rodgers20N/A659000 
    RFAllen Patterson17West658000 
    PKeith Joseph19Southeast651000 
    2BJonathan Murphy20West650000 
    PRobert Croft18West650000 
    LFDavid Owens18West650000 
    PDavid Conner20Southeast646000 
    PAndrew Roy20East644000 
    RFJackson Krupa20South634000 
    PRex Lawrence18South632000 
    CFCurtis Marino20West630000 
    PBarrett McPherson18West617000 
    CFWalter Graham17N/A615000 
    RFRonald Obrien17Southeast614000 
    CFAndrew Ocallaghan21South608000 
    CHermes Stevens20N/A606000 
    PLawrence Cooper20South605000 
    2BPedro McCollum19South604000 
    RFFrank Gilbertson17East602000 
    2BJonathan Leslie20N/A599000 
    PMichael Kirby17West597000 
    2BGerald Dotson17West594000 
    LFArthur Nathan19Southeast594000 
    CFGid Dehn20N/A594000 
    PMichael Henry19Southeast589000 
    PRandall Taylor19South589000 
    PAllen Martinez20East589000 
    PJohn Penney18Southeast585000 
    PFrank McGehee20Southeast580000 
    PJohn Carmody20N/A580000 
    CDelmar Brooks17East579000 
    2BJuan Weinstock18Southeast579000 
    PFlint Swanson18West578000 
    1BTerence Reed20N/A577000 
    CFSean Kawamura19N/A576000 
    CFJon Jimenez19East572000 
    LFMarc Blanchard22N/A559000 
    PPablo Lilienthal20N/A558000 
    PLuis Holmes20West554000 
    SSRamon Morris20South552000 
    PJeffrey Reeves21West549000 
    2BDean Alonzo19South546000 
    2BJonathan Sermons21East533000 
    PKenneth Robertson18Southeast533000 
    1BScott Keating19West533000 
    3BGeorge Smith19N/A533000 
    RFShane Cox20West530000 
    PRaymond Kawamoto20N/A525000 
    PColby Tirrell20East522000 
    RFDaniel Ward18Southeast521000 
    PJames Collazo19N/A520000 
    LFJesus Krause18South520000 
    CFJack Jonson20West516000 
    1BGeorge Ward19West515000 
    PDavid Cook17N/A514000 
    CCarlos Ramsey19Southeast513000 
    PWalter Simms20Southeast506000 
    PHoward Gillian20East505000 
    2BDon Norris20South505000 
    PMichael Marble19South503000 
    3BRoger Larochelle19South501000 
    PJohn Lawrence18N/A498000 
    1BCharles Lemons18Southeast498000 
    3BTerry Barber22West491000 
    PFrancisco Morrison19N/A491000 
    LFIan Barnes17West491000 
    1BRobert Davis19Southeast489000 
    PKaytivo Cummings19South485000 
    SSVito Harris18Southeast485000 
    PRandy Henderson18West480000 
    PTimothy Eure19Southeast472000 
    SSAlvin Lander19Southeast471000 
    CRoland Kirkland23Southeast468000 
    PDean Barrett18West468000 
    PTyler Despain19South467000 
    PJohn Vines20N/A466000 
    PMatthew Jordan18East465000 
    CFDaniel Rivas18South465000 
    LFErik Valenzuela19West464000 
    PRaymond Hadnot20East461000 
    CFAngel Pearson19Southeast460000 
    PTot Hall19South459000 
    PSteven Randall21Southeast458000 
    CFJerry Fox22Southeast458000 
    PMichael Lancaster19Southeast455000 
    SSJohn Reynolds19South450000 
    2BAnthony Jackson18West449000 
    RFMatthew Shankle18West445000 
    3BDarrell Cole21East444000 
    CFEd Pinto20South444000 
    RFManuel McIntire19East444000 
    1BJames Allee18N/A442000 
    SSGary Avery20N/A442000 
    PBradley Simmons20N/A440000 
    CFAndrew Henry21South438000 
    RFHarold Wildman20West438000 
    PThomas Hall19West429000 
    CWilliam Maguire20East429000 
    PGary Curry21South424000 
    LFDavid Sutton20East424000 
    PJames Neil21N/A423000 
    LFAttis Starnes20West419000 
    SSJack Hill19West417000 
    PClinton Masterson21West415000 
    CFDaniel Kuhns19East412000 
    SSMatthew Griffey20Southeast410000 
    LFRobert Simmons20East410000 
    CTimothy Lyons17East406000 
    SSJeffrey Young20South406000 
    PLarry Edwards18West404000 
    SSDavid Morris22West401000 
    PEugene Johnson19South399000 
    PJon McCullum20West399000 
    1BJared Dawson20N/A398000 
    2BReginald Preston21East397000 
    CGeorge Roper20East395000 
    RFSeth Gutierrez20West392000 
    CJesse Potter20Southeast391000 
    CFJames Martel22South386000 
    PEmmanuel Jamison20N/A386000 
    CFDallas Fernandez20West386000 
    PSharonn Nunley20East382000 
    PRobert Luo20East382000 
    2BAnthony Stewart17West373000 
    PPaul Carter20Southeast372000 
    CLowell Garcia19N/A367000 
    SSScott Nichols17South364000 
    PMack White19East361000 
    RFColin Smith20East357000 
    RFWilliam Brunner21Southeast356000 
    SSRobert McCutcheon20Southeast355000 
    PMichael Norden20Southeast349000 
    PJose Butler20East343000 
    LFJulius Walden18West343000 
    PRobert Vaugh22East341000 
    PErnie Martin21N/A341000 
    LFAli Owen20N/A341000 
    RFMichael Neal20South335000 
    PNathaniel Pennington22South329000 
    PJoshua Chavers18N/A325000 
    3BMichael Thom20N/A325000 
    3BJose Marchant20N/A325000 
    SSRobert Newton20East319000 
    PWilson Raymond20West314000 
    2BWilliam An20West314000 
    PFrancis Ortiz22West306000 
    2BGerald Thomas20West303000 
    CFAllen Snider19Southeast293000 
    PWilliam Sheffield20West287000 
    SSRobert Moody22South284000 
    LFAlexander Bryson20East284000 
    2BWayne Delatorre20South282000 
    LFLeonard Vasquez20Southeast251000 
    2BWayne Parham20South249000 
    3BBushwick Hines20N/A241000 
    CAugie Phillips22East236000 
    PCarl Seibold20Southeast232000 
    PJonathan Ross21West227000 
    PPaul Raymond23N/A218000 
    2BDouglas Bustamante23South205000 

    SchoolTop 3 ListsCommits 
    Arizona State55 
    Texas Tech72 
    OK State52 
    Notre Dame72 
    Ohio State14 
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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    Texas Tech accepts both 2B Powers and CF Brookshire with FA claim submitted.

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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    Purdue accepts all 5. Peters, Partington, Backman, Lee, and Spear

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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    Texas A&M says YES
    To all 3 players

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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    Arkansas says yes to all.
    “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” Jimmy Dugan

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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    Giving thanks for ok states two commits. We’ll take em

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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    We have a little problem. I was working on my list and noticed CF Joseph Mondragon was not on the FA list. I looked in the transactions and found that he and P Jay Welch (who has a top 3 list this round) randomly retired.

    Can the mods reverse a retirement?
    “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” Jimmy Dugan

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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    Quote Originally Posted by jdjaeger54 View Post
    We have a little problem. I was working on my list and noticed CF Joseph Mondragon was not on the FA list. I looked in the transactions and found that he and P Jay Welch (who has a top 3 list this round) randomly retired.

    Can the mods reverse a retirement?
    Well that is super odd. I put it in on support Discord but not expecting a response today but I'll let you know what's going on with them. They were both undrafted on 7/31 and retired on 8/9 which I've never seen before.

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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    ASU takes all five. Really excited about this group, especially Nguyen and Solis.

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    Re: 2005 Recruiter Visit Results

    Nebraska accepts all 3.

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