Red Sox are selling off. Our most important players have aged past their prime. We had a solid run for 15 seasons or so. If any players on the roster are of interest, message me and we can try to work out a deal. Interested in draft picks that are at least in the top 30-35 picks or other prospects. Willing to take on big contracts to make a deal work.

Biggest trade pieces
1B Charles Stover - 28yo - $6.6M salary - career .311/.370/.459 slash line. High average hitter with reasonable pop. Great #1-2 hitter who also has good range
2B Val Astle - 30yo - $1.8M salary - Defensive lock down at the keystone. 89RA and 89AR. Career .665 OPS but 75 rating in BA so he will get you some hits
SS Jeff Stickler - 31yo - $850K salary - Another defense only player. 84RA at SS for a small salary.
P Daniel Bryan - 29yo - $4.2M salary - career 2.55 ERA with 1.12 WHIP. High SY pitcher, sitting at 96, to go along with 85 control that allows him to go deep in games despite 57 EN.

All Active and minor league players are available.