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Thread: CSFBL Lists: Most Liked MLB players

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    Well, we have a top 5 Most despised MLB why not flip the coin over and see who owners here in csfbl like the most! ?

    Whit's Top 5 FAVORITES List

    1. Tim Salmon - Just a fantastic Christian man. While getting his autograph outside the stadium before the game, when my kids where little...5-8 years old, Tim said to my daughter, "Well, aren't you as cute as a button." Then asked my boy if we were going to the game later on today? Just a fantastic guy.

    2. Ramon Ortiz - When at a car dealership getting his autograph, he jumped over the small wall. Grabbed up my boy (2 years old) for a family photo. Then took his World Series ring off and showed it to my wife and the rest of us. Took his ring off his finger and handed it to us!

    3. Bengie Molina - Met him at fanfest. Was my boys favorite player. His brother Jose was also on the team at the time. That entire family is terrific , and talented, all catchers- Catchers call games. They are smart , and way under-rated. Yaddy , the last Molina retired this season...but wait- word is one of the Molina's have a boy that is coming up the ranks , he's 14 , but is already a prospect! What do you bet , he's gonna be a catcher as well.

    4. Kole Calhoun - Met him twice at two different autograph sessions. Really interacts with the fans! Met his Dad once thirty mins. before game time. Long story, but my boy was wearing his boys jersey and he can up to him and drilled him (to see if he was a real fan or not), before telling us he was Kole Calhouns Dad. We passed the test. About 3 tough *** ?'s , as Kole was mired in a bad season long slump at the time and nobody was really wearing his jersey anymore. Talked for a good 20 mins with his Dad. Great guy as well!

    5. David Eckstien - Just an all around good dude. Congratulated him on his first big million plus contract at an Angels fest. He was far away and replied , "Thank You, Sir! " from about 30 yards away. We also met his wife on Star Wars night. Got her autograph as she did the voice of Asoka in the cartoonish Clone Wars and Rebels series! And we asked her if she could say something in Asoka's voice. And, she did. Saying something about "Skyguy" , which is what she called Anikan Skywalker is the series.

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    Re: CSFBL Lists: Most Liked MLB players

    Hard to make a list, but I'll give it a shot:

    1. Bobby Richardson

    2. Lou Brock

    3. Roberto Clemente

    4. Frank White

    5. Salvador Perez
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