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Thread: Reading wins World Series

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    Reading wins World Series

    Oh my. Tulsa had it going, sending all the teams with better run differentials out of the play-offs. Then they went up 3-1 in the World Series, but could not finish, leading game 7 in the 8th inning. Reading wins. Congratulations to hawkers!
    Oakland As - Remake MLB (lost 1 WS, 3 CS, 2 DS in 7 seasons)
    Tulsa Drillers - Remake AA (lost WS in 2144)
    Williamsburg TriPowers - Psi Phi (WS in 1st season in 2078 and not much since)
    Howlin' Wolf - Hippystock Moshpit (since #USB need to reorient in a now deadball league)
    St. Louis Cardinals - Dynasty (nothing to show, league with little scouting and lots of ill-humored owners)
    Berlin Black Holes - Upsilon Sigma Mu (3 WS won in inaugural seasons)

    (see my user record in CSFBL)

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    Re: Reading wins World Series

    Thank you!!

    Two solo HR's in the bottom of the 9th, totally unexpected, especially by the underperformers who hit them. Glad to have another Reading WS ring to add to my sock drawer!!

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    Re: Reading wins World Series

    Tim for Reading to break up the band and start fresh.


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