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Thread: New Idea: NCAA Transfers

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    Lightbulb New Idea: NCAA Transfers

    The idea is that Active Roster & AAA players with high enough salaries who do not meet the minimum amount of playing time enter the Transfer Portal and have a dice roll to find out which players decide to transfer and where they transfer to. Most of these players will not transfer.

    The goal is to have 4-6 players transfer on average out of a pool of roughly 30 players.

    If the team denies a transfer the player becomes a NCAA Free Agent during the pre-season signing period. These players will sign for scholarships and not be considered as walk ons (unless they do not get signed -- in which case they become Walk On FA's the following season if still NCAA eligible).

    Have to figure out using data analysis what parameters to use to get the preferred results (4-6 transfers per season).

    You could also incorporate the ability to spend Recruiting Points (now or future) towards increasing your odds of persuading a transfer to change his mind and stay with your school.
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    Re: New Idea: NCAA Transfers

    Maybe using recruiting points for portal players? But your own guys are considered in region and get a bonus


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