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Thread: So long for a little while

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    So long for a little while

    Sorry, guys, but I can't even pretend to care any more.

    A few people know I've been floating in and out for a while here, looking for something to spark interest again. I hoped the series of changes would do it. It hasn't. I don't blame the changes -- again, this is a couple of years in the works -- although they really weren't a band-aid, much less a shot in the arm. As is the case most autumns, I'm swamped with the semester and sports. Yeah, the schedule works itself out. That doesn't fix my level of 'I don't care.' So, I'm fully stepping away.

    With the exception of six months around my divorce, I've spent the better part of 18 years here. It's been a ton of fun, and I call you friends, even if we've never met.

    If I get it back, this is the first place I'm looking.


    - Chaz.
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    Re: So long for a little while

    Good luck Chaz, sorry to see you go (but maybe not that far behind you).

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    Re: So long for a little while

    Oh man. Sorry to hear this brother. Good luck and please hurry back. I did the same thing many years ago, took me a year or so but found I missed it. CSFBL has been part of my day for nearly two decades now. And Cards Fans has been the only league I've ever considered home.

    Take care
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    Re: So long for a little while

    Sorry to read this post. I've also been disengaged from CSFBL for the last few years and have considered quitting. I'm going to hang on for awhile longer though. Been here since 2004...since the beginning of this league. Hate to see Chaz go, man. He's mean a rock for this league for a long, long time.


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