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Thread: DPs are out of control

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    DPs are out of control

    My league ( about a month underway has multiple teams averaging almost 6 double plays turned per game with the fewest per game team having about 3. MLB average is just over 1 per game for the highest team; most teams are somewhere from 0.6 to 1 double play turned per game (per quick search that arrived at The volume here is a wild over-statement of double play likelihood. Is there anything in the works to nudge this back to something more realistic?

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    Re: DPs are out of control

    A few notes from a fellow player:

    • Your league is using the CSFBL Classic simulation model. The Free Agent Era simulation model was written to be more balanced, to apply lessons that Brian learned over the years of simulating and managing the Classic model. The CSFBL creators have stated that CSFBL Classic will not be available for new leagues and will have minimal changes going forward. For all intents and purposes, it's a legacy sim model.
      • Training Day is a new league using the Free Agent Era, and our double plays are a little bit lower than yours: our teams' total DPs last season varied from 391-788 instead of 492-827.
      • Any future tweaks to dial the number down closer to MLB numbers would likely happen in the Dead Ball Era or Free Agent Era, not in CSFBL Classic.
    • When calculating team double plays, CSFBL seems to just total up all of that team's player double plays.
      • Carolina Fury, the top DP team in your prior season, is a good example. If you sum up the players' DPs, you get the team DP.
      • A single team DP would most often have 3 players (sometimes just 2, rarely 1) involved. That means the problem isn't nearly as bad as it looks: top teams probably turn 2-2.5 DPs per game, not 6.
    • I still agree with you that CSFBL would benefit from tuning down DPs. A number of other players on Discord have been beating that drum as well.
      • It could help with infielders having absurdly high range stats, penalize CN players less, promote small ball, boost offense in a realistic way, and be more historically accurate.
      • Again, were such a change made, I suspect that it would not be implemented in CSFBL Classic.

    I don't contribute to CSFBL in any way, but hopefully that helps!

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    Re: DPs are out of control

    thank you for the thorough reply. I really didn't know a lot about the various league era settings. great information. appreciate all the info, doandiggy.

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    Re: DPs are out of control

    I think anyone that adds such a detailed and helpful response clearly contributes to CSFBL in a very meaningful way.
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    Re: DPs are out of control

    It is true that the number of DPs are calculated by adding all of the players individual DPs, which is wrong or misleading. Total actual DPs will equal all of the teams first baseman's DPs. Runners thrown out advancing on flies are not included. All CSFBL DPs will end with the 1B making the final putout.

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    Re: DPs are out of control

    I'm tracking a lot of stats for the new Free Agent and Dead Ball Eras comparing back to the matching MLB eras for leagues that I have teams. As said above GIDP when looking at fielding stats are not calculated correctly. But if you look at team hitting stats the GIDP # is correct. As you can see on avg there are about 2x as many DPs turned in CSFBL as there are in MLB (regardless of era). I also believe this is having an impact on why runs are down for the new eras even though most of the outcomes are within a reasonable range of the MLB standard. IE: fewer baserunners overall, so less chances for a HR to be 2R instead of solo, runner scoring from 1st on a double, stuff like that.

    Thanks to SlickLapTop for doing some of the intial leg work to pull the data. I just copied his sheet and then modified it to match what I wanted to track.

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    Re: DPs are out of control

    Since this thread is up...I just had a game where my team hit into 7 doubleplays. Can anyone beat that? 10 total in a game is something as well


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