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Thread: Leaving CSFBL

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    Leaving CSFBL

    I'll keep this brief--I'm stepping away from CSFBL. I have greatly enjoyed my time on the site, and I want to particularly call out Balmers who helped me get started and Vulp who has always been great to run leagues with or even just talk trade. Real life and other passions have just left me without the desire to login to CSFBL every day. It has been increasingly apparent over the last two weeks that I need to step away to be fair to my league mates. I'm sure the changes to the site have contributed to this decision, but I truly believe CSFBL is moving in a very positive direction. Who knows, I may be back in the future. Thank you all, and I apologize for the abrupt exit.
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    Re: Leaving CSFBL


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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    That sucks. Late summer is generally not the best time to make decisions, so hopefully we'll see you back again soon.

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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    Good luck with your interests, its easy to find a new love, but leaving CSFBL forever is impossible!
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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    Youre always welcome back
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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    Fully 1/3 of the league's current owners are on their 2nd+ stints, so you could theoretically just save some time and take the team back right now. I'll try and give you a heads up when I finally get around to ranking Fred Stout.

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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    Tempe so good this year people quitting
    When the expectations are so low, you cant possibly lose.

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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    Like Rent more or less hinted at above, we've all been there and we all understand. I think about half the league is on their 3rd run through the league at this point. You're a good owner and good on the boards so hopefully you won't be gone long.
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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    He wasn't much for keeping players around for long periods of time! The best 2 players on the list, Terwilliger and Jackson, both only spent around half of their careers in Gatlinburg. Terwilliger was a holdover draftee from danielpaton, making Jackson the best tander-drafted player overall during his tenure here. The next best player tander drafted was Kenneth Wright, who didn't play a single game for the team.

    Tander didn't have much luck with his very top picks - his only #1 selection is the famous Stout. At 6'3" and 247 lb, maybe he was a bit too stout, as he's one of the worst #1 picks in league history and (depending on your definition of "modern") in the argument for the least productive top selection in modern TCL. Still the best DH tander ever had. His only #2 pick is Chacko (tander probably drafted too many Freds) - who is starting to round into form as a very good pitcher, but still has a ways to go to catch up to the likes of Edwin Deal taken after him.

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