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Thread: Dynasty Update

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    Dynasty Update

    I don't have much details, but it seems like the game may be heading in the direction of adding a version of no scouting back to the game. I don't want to get too excited, but if that's the case I will return to the game and continue to spend time and energy with Dynasty.

    The first step is to figure out if that's the case, then we can go from there -- but it's exciting. Stay tuned for updates.

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    Re: Dynasty Update

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    Re: Dynasty Update

    Once we get confirmation of rating freeze we plan to begin operations
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    Re: Dynasty Update has no immediate plans for a no scouting option. The best update they can give is "sometime in 2023"

    At this point in time I have zero interest in waiting until sometime in 2023 for no scouting

    I'm very disappointed in all of the admins as well as the owner of the game for what has happened to this league and I apoligize to everyone for what has transpired.

    If I end up somewhere else in the simulation world I will be sure to invite everyone I know.
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    Re: Dynasty Update

    Effective immediately, Dynasty will begin operations again.

    As you all know this league means a lot to me. As much as I hate how the Admins have treated this league my passion for the league supersedes my disgust with the Admins.

    I will do everything in my power to build upon everything we have established so far in this league, even if the Admins do not support us.

    My first goal is to find an owner for LSU and get all of the recruiting pts in. NCAA recruiting will be the focus until we sn get to the draft. I will do my best to keep everyone upto date.

    Long term goal is to wait for a new setting from the game that can mimmick the kind of scouting we had before. The Admins say the ETA is "sometime in 2023", but in the mean time we will have to work around the limitations that the update has given us.


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