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Thread: Leaving NLT

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    Leaving NLT

    Hi guys,

    Sorry, I need to let a few teams go.

    Thanks for the very good time in this league (41 seasons !, but sadly no title). You are a nice group of managers. It was fun battling with you.

    Present and future should be bright for the team. And the league. We will see each others around.


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    Binopolis Red Sox (RHP) *day 1 WS Finalist 1981 Division Finalist 1982 ; 1983
    Binopolis Classic Sox(Classic Prospect) *day 1 WS Finalist 1981
    Bowie Baysox (MLB - ReMake AA) *est. 2088 WS CHAMP 2088 WS Finalist 2089
    Gwinnett Braves (MLB - ReMake AA) *est. 2091
    Kansas City Monarchs (TCB) *est. 1983
    St Louis Cardinals (TML) *est. 1963 WS Finalist 1964 Division Finalist 1963, 1966 Conference Finalist 1967

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    Re: Leaving NLT

    Sad to see you go, Bino. I was just thinking that since I joined that this was a good, solid league.
    Good luck and we'll leave the light on for you!


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