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Thread: Congrats to jayt28

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    Congrats to jayt28

    And the Aviators on the WS win. I'd congratulate the runner up but the Bees are unowned.
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    Re: Congrats to jayt28


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    Re: Congrats to jayt28

    Oakland Athletics - Remake MLB (no WS yet: lost 3 Conference series in 4 seasons)
    Williamsburg TriPowers - Psi Phi (WS in 2078, but that was my 1st season there, so mostly the work of my predecessor)
    Howlin' Wolf - Hippystock Moshpit (no WS, not even close, and since the update even worse in that deadball league)
    St. Louis Cardinals - Dynasty (well not much to show, but it's a league with no scouting and lots of ill-humored owners)

    (for more info, see my user record in CSFBL)

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    Re: Congrats to jayt28

    Thanks. About time I won something.


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