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Thread: League settings

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    League settings

    Hi everyone... or at least those who read the forum...

    Since the USB update, there hasn't been any discussion/decision in this league about settings, so I guess we've been defaulted onto what the system considers 'factory settings'. I thought I'd see if people are OK with these - or if anyone has any strong feelings about changing them.

    Given current forum activity I expect this to be a minority discussion/decision, but personally I'm OK with that, as I kinda feel if you don't engage with the league discussion here (or on Discord where I haven't had any follow-up on enquiring about PCL owners), then you're submitting yourself to the mercy of those who do engage.

    So at present:
    1. We are in 'CSFBL Classic' sim model, this has been an offensive wet blanket in my experience so far, I can only imagine what 'Dead Ball Era' might be like, but we could consider going to 'Free Agent Era' to try and reignite some offense?
    2. We have 'Standard' draft order, rather than a draft lottery. I like the lottery concept, both to discourage tanking and to reflect the current RL MLB, but don't feel too strongly about it.
    3. Scouting is currently 'On'. This means we don't see exact ratings and so there's more jeopardy in interpreting a player's ratings. A lot of leagues have gone with scouting off, as a lot of owners like the extra control of better ratings, but doesn't mean we have to...
    4. We have potential ratings set to 'Individual' rather than 'Summary', meaning we see potentials for every attribute, rather than a general offense/pitching/defense breakdown. I probably feel strongest about this, and keeping it individual as the summary just seems a water-down, but still open to others' views.
    5. We still have our salary cap at $65m - this was generous before and will be even more generous now, with the need for FOA removed and player salaries on average reducing by 15%. So, we could consider reducing the cap...

    P.S. Not related to USB, but we currently have PSFA off, and we never had a discussion about this when it came in. Given the low level of activity in the league and how much that restricts trade activity, would anyone else be interested in creating a few PSFAs each year just to add some interest for those of us that still check in with our teams??

    I'll just leave this here for a bit and see if anyone has any strong feelings. We've recently flipped and most changes only happen at season end anyway, so we'd have some time before any decisions could be actioned anyway...
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    Re: League settings

    i'd be willing to try the "scouting off" setting.
    i don't feel strongly one way or the other about settings - still getting used to everything being new.

    i don't like PSFA's. it gives those that are around an extra advantage.

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    Re: League settings

    I am fine with the settings. Also PSFA's are not for me.


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