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Thread: Congratulations Stoop Siters!

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    Congratulations Stoop Siters!

    Their 1st championship since 2014!
    That was a very competitive series! And Hobos management commented , "Welp, if we were gonna get beat in the Conference Championship Series , at least it was by the 37' Lawn World Series Champions..."
    So, the Allstar game that will take place shortly after The 4th of July will be hosted @ Crimedog60's digs...The ballpark @ Riverside!

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    Re: Congratulations Stoop Siters!

    Scoreless game, bottom of the 4th, bases loaded, 1 out, our shortstop dropped the throw from our 1st baseman on a double play ball, the next hitter hit a grandslam and they scored 5 runs before the Moonshiners got them out. Final score was 5-3.
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    Re: Congratulations Stoop Siters!

    Been a busy few weeks, but belated congrats!
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    Re: Congratulations Stoop Siters!

    Definitely was not expecting it -- especially after finishing twenty games out the previous season. To even finish in the top two in what might be the most competitive division in the league is an accomplishment in itself, but to then have playoff success against the defending champs and two of the longer-standing owners in the league...nope, didn't see that coming. Here's hoping for another competitive LCL season for everyone!


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