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    Salary talk

    Question from Haywaters:

    Since the Scouting and Development are now free what does the salary cap do? Other than max and I'm not sure it does that b/c you can draft over the what's the idea behind the present cap?


    I talked about this a little bit here - Salary Discussion

    For now, most places are dealing with extra cap space, and new leagues like this one will likely have a LOT of cap space. I set our league salary cap to $40 million to start, because personally, I like making people make some tough financial decisions as part of the game. Once players start getting some on the field experience, their salaries should come back up a bit, but it's true that it is a different economy to deal with right now.

    -the examples I have seen of teams that still have high salary are teams that have won a bunch, so there is a good reason they are feeling money crunch.
    -the players I have seen as examples of outliers in salary jumps have all had a key rating that is 96+, that seems to be driving the increase.


    In terms of hard cap/soft cap - drafting and player development can take you over the cap, but while you are over the cap, you will not be able to sign free agents, or make trades that increase salary.
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    Re: Salary talk

    I'm with you on owners having to make decisions of being under or over we obviously being over cap stops you from making trades or signing free agents the one crazy issue that develops with PSFA is over the top bidding...I just had an owner bid 15M on a PSFA that was 2.9M salary ... With 7 teams bidding I went 7M and I thought I was and learn...since SIMS has a way of picking the team if money is equal or if the players thinks he's going to play on the team as a regular why not set a parameter of max bids..and let SIM sort it


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