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Thread: 1991 Injury Report #3

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    1991 Injury Report #3

    Please Update This Sheet When You Send Player to AAA

    NameAgePlayer #TeamSeafat FixInjury FactorElbow Injury?Shoulder?Leg Injury?Head Injury?Total Injury DaysInjury DiagnosisInjury TypeLeague
    Balbino Cervantes321Cincinnati Reds0750200020Shoulder DislocationShoulderMLB
    David Holland301Oakland Athletics0710040040Ankle SprainLegMLB
    TJ Mobley291Los Angeles Dodgers069160000160Torn UCLElbowMLB
    Frank "Big Mac" MacDonald291Baltimore Orioles0650025025Calf StrainLegMLB
    Markus Smith291Boston Red Sox0650001515IllnessHeadMLB
    Adam Delk261Philadelphia Phillies0523000030Elbow DislocationElbowMLB
    Phil Savage251Philadelphia Phillies0370001010Personal LeaveHeadMLB
    Antonio Lahr221Miami Hurricanes0220001010Personal LeaveHeadNCAA
    Max Schafer241New York Yankees0220040040Ankle SprainLegMLB
    Joe Herren221North Carolina Tar Heels0183000030Elbow DislocationElbowNCAA
    Raymond "Good" Knight211Stanford Cardinal012012000120Torn LabrumShoulderNCAA
    Jerry Cuellar201Oklahoma State Cowboys011012000120Torn LabrumShoulderNCAA

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    Re: 1991 Injury Report #3

    After two season-ending injuries to important players, this time St Louis avoided any injuries.
    Oakland Athletics - Remake MLB (just got there in 2137)
    Williamsburg TriPowers - Psi Phi (World Series 2078)
    Howlin' Wolf - Hippystock Moshpit (lost Conference Series in 1983)
    St. Louis Cardinals - Dynasty (well not much to show, but it's a league with no scouting and lots of ill-humored owners)

    (for more info, see my user record in CSFBL)


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