Starting next season the settings will be revised as follows
Cap-Sticking to the current $60M Hard cap
Sim-Going with the Classic sim, which should be close to the current model. Note, there will be a difference noticed with regards to real grass. Like in real life, you will see less hits getting through real grass compared to turf.
Scouting-For now we are going with the scouting set to off. This means everyone will see the most accurate ratings possible.
Potentials-We will be going with individual potentials being shown.
Lottery-For now we are not using the lottery.

if the owners here would like to share their thoughts and make suggestions to alter the current plan please post in this thread. I really haven’t had the time to do any in depth research on these new settings and am just going with what appears to be close to the conditions the league is currently set at.

I will add that I am not a fan of the new scouting aspect of the game as having every owner know full scouting takes away from owners who previously worked their salary cap wisely to gain scouting advantage. Maybe I could be wrong about this but time will tell.