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Thread: June 8 Update

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    June 8 Update

    Sorry, we weren't thinking about the fact we were keeping everyone in the dark on the update tomorrow. To keep everything as close as possible to the current format for Remake, below are where we are starting.

    Cap-Sticking to the current $60M soft cap
    Sim-Going with the Classic sim, which should be close to the current model. Note, there will be a difference noticed with regards to real grass. Like in real life, you will see less hits getting through real grass compared to turf.
    Scouting-For now we are going with the scouting set to off. This means everyone will see the most accurate ratings possible.
    Potentials-We will be going with individual potentials being shown.
    Lottery-For now we are not using the lottery. We will likely put up a vote to institute the lottery since RL MLB has adopted it.
    MLB Remake-D. Tigers-1976-2059 and 2088- WS:2-2
    MLB Classic-Det Tigers-1993-2076 and 2125- WS:3-4
    Justice-W.M. Whitecaps 2093- WS:1-0
    League of Legends-T.C. Walking Dead 2077- WS:1-3
    League of Champions-M. Marlins 2066- WS:5-0
    Brockmire League-Det Wolverines 1981- WS:2-0
    Historical Replay-Det Tigers 1964-
    GOAT 5-Port City Avengers
    Coors Field-Dodgers WS:7-2
    MLB Remake AAA WS:0-1
    MLB Remake AA WS:2-0
    Justice-C.B. Bonds 2042-2058 WS:1-1
    Tilted Tables-Pilots 1991- WS:2-6

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    Re: June 8 Update

    Thank you for the information.
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