Well the hard cap is $60m, and with the removal of the front office it means you have about the same amount for players as you did when the hard cap was $70m in the old system that was on the higher end of the scale. You only need to release $2.1m, and it was always normal for one or two clubs to exceed the hard cap at the start of the season when it was $70m.
Looking at the financials page most clubs are under $55m anyway and raising the cap only benefits a few clubs. It really is in sync with how things were before the update. I really would not be expecting for more than half the league to want it raised higher as more than half the league are way below the hard cap as it is. If there is a large amount of owners requesting it then I would consider upping it, but not just if it's the one or two who happen to currently be over!

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I share many of the concerns about CSFBL moving forward. The most pressing problem for me is the salary cap. I have been in a couple of leagues with a $55m cap before and thoroughly disliked it. Every year I was cutting $5-8m worth of salary on a team that was near the bottom. It was pointless to have a top 3 pick because that player would be unaffordable in only a couple of seasons. Can a $55k league work? Of course. All of the teams will be equally bad, so everyone has a shot. There are really only two good things in a low cap league. The first is the abundance of good players in FA. The second would be the discouragement of ridiculous over bidding so common in many leagues. I saw a $2.2m CF signed for $14.3m. WTF?
I have been a Cubs fan since the mid 60s. And yes, I was fortunate enough to see those teams play including Fergie Jenkins vs Bob Gibson(twice). Why bring this up? Because I could not believe my good fortune in being able to nab this club in FOB. In fact, FOB immediately became my second favorite league, behind only the league in which I started. This club had been successful but was getting old and needed a complete rebuild. So, the long process started. Now, I feel pretty good about the club. So, let''s tear it down.
One other thing. Where was the vote for changing the cap? Or was this a unilateral thing?
I really don't know what I will do. I hate the idea of giving up the Cubs. On the other hand, I am too old for the constant frustration that overshadowed my previous $55m experiences