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Thread: New Release and Decisions

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    Re: New Release and Decisions

    Quote Originally Posted by josegrapinino View Post
    To my understanding, there is no going back to classic. I think we need to use info we gather in the other leagues to figure out if we really think switching away from classic is the way to go.
    This is correct. If we switch away from the classic, we can't go back. I'm game with whatever is decided. I can see the reasoning for both.

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    Re: New Release and Decisions

    OK so the sim model change would happen over the flip if we decided to do it. Should the league be paused after the WS to make a final decision? Or just wait until next season to make the decision?

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    Re: New Release and Decisions

    I'd rather push it a year out rather than pause

    I think we need more info anyway

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