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Thread: 2081 AOR DieHards Playoffs

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    Re: 2081 AOR DieHards Playoffs

    Groom lake gets into the playoffs via tiebreaker and then proceeds to take down the champs! Congratulations alecsadler! Lifetime will be turning this season into a movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joebaseball View Post
    ...Congrats to the Groom Lake Engineers, who took game 7 2-0, behind the solid pitching of Lefty Obaid Phillips, to win the AOR DieHards 2081 World Series title! Phillips went 18-4, with a 2.06 era during the regular season, and 6-1 .067 during the playoffs, in one of the more dominating performances the DieHards have seen. Phillips averaged 15 KO's, and 2.3 W"s during the playoffs, and opponents managed only a .128 average and slugged .194 against the lefty.
    ..."Just our luck to go up against a pitcher of his caliber," said joebaseball, "Hats off to him and Groom Lake..."
    ...In 10 previous seasons, Obaid did not start a SINGLE game!!! He had 26 QS in 32 Starts this year, and 330 KO's... One shudders to think what might have been had the previous owner(s) made him a starter earlier in his career. Although his low endurance made for no CG's during the regular season, his impact during the playoffs this year cannot be denied. WTF were the previous owners thinking?
    Congrats/Kudos to Groom Lake taking the series in the leagues 100th anniversary year....

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    Re: 2081 AOR DieHards Playoffs

    Thanks for the congrats. I took over Groom Lake a few seasons back and kept the name, but now the hard part starts. Try to repeat. Good luck to all on the coming season.

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