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Thread: The Dollar Barter League (Whit's/CF4L's New 2 game sim Betting League)

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    Arrow The Dollar Barter League (Whit's/CF4L's New 2 game sim Betting League)

    Thought I would redo my new 2 gm. sim league.

    All $ in , All $ out - we take 0 rake... Each season will only cost a dollar!

    $24 played for each csfbl calendar year. So, about 5 -6 seasons per real calendar year on 5 to 6 dollars for a real time calendar year (a price laying on anybody 's spare change counter-top.

    Division winners at the end of each regular season, will receive $2 each. ($8 payout)

    World Series winner will receive $12 , so half of the money, plus an extra ($2 if they did finish with their divisions best record at the end of the season, so it could be $14 for the payout.

    World Series loser will receive the other $4 dollars , (Plus could be $6 total if the also finished the regular season with their divisions best record, not bad on a $1 entry.).

    This league will be fun fun. Will also keep the theme of the divisions 1. Lizard/Reptile 2. Fish Aquarium 3. Pet Bird 4. Pet Rodent
    The league will also have a totally voluntary side barter area, where there will be a thread for side barters to be made. Like I'll bet I win the division this year, and within the division owners can make a side barter for pets within the division. I want to keep this very low on the barter of no more than hey if I win our division I will send you a pet fish , and if I win you send my a aquarium plant for my fish tank. Stuff to that effect. Commissioners will be keeping track of who paid, and barters paid or if they haven't been paid.

    Any area , entry of barter that have not been paid by a certain owner will be removed from the league and replaced with another owner at the commissioners discretions.

    If this sounds like a concept you are interested in please go to Sigma Chi Gamma and make a team. The first division that is already full but 2 owners will be the Reptile / Lizard division.

    The second division that is currently being made is the Fish Tank Division. If you want to be in this division , create a team.

    If you want to be in a league with wrangelerx1973, Bryan Whitfield, and Cardinalsfan4Life then claim one of the two open teams in that division and remember to give yourself a Lizard or Reptile name.

    Hope to see the League fill up soon! Shooting for the end of May (cross my fingers/toes).


    The league will eventually be renamed from Sigma Chi Gamma to The Dollar/Barter League.
    I (Whit- and CF4L) will be your commissioners! We have no commissioner powers until the league fills up , so please just grab a team over in the league and name your team name accordingly. Again, if you want to be in the first division with the commissioners and wranglerx1973 then CLAIM one of the open teams instead of joining. That would be the Lizard/Retiple division. If your in the other division make a team and you'll be a part of the Fish Aquarium division. The third created division will be Pet Bird, and the 4th or last divsision created will be the Pet Rodent division. Please name your team accordingly. Anyone without a team name that does not go with the theme of the division or hasn't paid upfront will be removed for a different owner before we start the new season, or a commissioner will pay and play in their spot if needed. Hope to not need to do this-

    We will not have any other rules for the league. You can make your stadiums whatever size you'd like. The draft will be regular like all other leagues. There will be a 60 mil soft cap. There will be no extra FA made in the offseason. We will attach in some way the owners name to the winner of each division , to either their screen name in some way or their Team name. So for example...I'm (Whit-) am in the Lizard/Reptile division. If I got lucky enough to win my division durning the regular season; my division name next year would be changed to something like : Montana Whit's Iguana Division. :0) (Rewster's ideal , and I really really like it! )

    p.s. Venmo will be the way I'm going to be collecting the money digitally, unless your an old school guy and you absolutely want to mail me a 5 dollar check. Will be paying up front $5 at a time , and you'll be credited with 5 seasons of play. Simple and I like Simple. Keep it simple stupid, works because I often fall in the later category.

    GRAB a team, And play us for some $ dollars- and side barter by choice if you'd like as well ! Please keep the side barters under 5 a season, don't want anyone losing their shirt!

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