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Thread: Nacio is on the block

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    Nacio is on the block

    We feel in St. Paul the team will be going down for a while. Consequently, our ace Nacio Rodriguez (30) told us he'd be open to go elsewhere. He didn't ask formally for a trade, but we would listen to a good offer from a good team for him.

    We are aware we might wait the beginning of the season to make something happen. But as we already had some talks around him, don't hesitate to stand out right away and tell us what you could offer, if interested.

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    Re: Nacio is on the block

    Nacio went back to where he was drafted, in Sioux Falls. We got a deal we can't refuse!

    Now, we are dealing away one of the followings 1B:

    Calvillo Fuentes (27) - Drafted late in the 2nd round, he has elite ratings, though! 89 CN, 64 BA, 80 SL, 85 SP, 70 RA. Didn't fully perform to the hype yet, but he's still only 27 y/o. Still managed to get 31 HR and 44 SB last season!... We'd like a 1st round pick.

    Lorenzo Adams (30) - Like about everyone else on our team, he had a bad season last year... But his ratings are still maxed and averaged around 32 HR and 110 RBI the 3 seasons before! We'd like a good prospect along a 2nd rounder for him.


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