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Thread: Ace pitcher available!

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    Ace pitcher available!

    Future hall-of-famer Raymond Echavarria has had a falling out with an ownership group that can't decide whether to hang on to the rotation until the end, or rebuild. As such, he's requested a trade.

    He had 37+ saves for ten straight seasons, all with an ERA under 3.00 and half of those under 2.00. At age 32 he was converted to a starter (because that's normal) and has had sub-2.00 ERAs all three seasons as a starter. For those who like their weights to be in a straight line, he posted a +64.5 LWTS last season in his first full season starting, and he's at +34.3 just under halfway through the season.

    What would you like, a starter? A closer? Why not both!

    Please send offers, or discuss via Discord or PM. I strongly prefer not to use the goofy in-game messaging since it doesn't allow for history to capture back-and-forth communications.

    First post anyone's made in IBA in over four months, so I'm just hoping someone sees this...

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    Re: Ace pitcher available!

    I saw it! Sent you a PM


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