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Thread: Trade Block

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    Trade Block

    I have some new additions to our trade block. I put all my high range outfielders that I wasnt utilizing on there as well as some vets.


    Shane Patterson - Still fully maxed. 4 time silver slugger at 3B and 1B. One of the better top of the lineup guys in the league. Solid 87 RA at 1B.

    George Garza - elite DI, good SL and huge AR. Would work best in a small park.

    George McLaughlin - Elite defense and discipline.

    Raymond Addison - 95/95 BA, thats about it

    Paul Shepherd - 85 SL 91 AR catcher

    David Tyree - 83 BA 1B

    Will Jameson - pots of 68-82-85-46-65-63-79-63 pretty solid all around 1B

    Jonathan Vidrio - High Range CF with mid 70s BA.

    If youre feeling froggy you can make an offer for Luis Teston He has 99 SL and if converted to 2B he'll have 85 RA, at corner OF he'll have 100 RA and at CF he'll have 94 RA. Happy to keep him but if you want to test the waters ill listen.
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    Re: Trade Block

    Id also be open to moving Richard Garza

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    Re: Trade Block

    Mattis is a free agent now

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    Re: Trade Block

    Trade block is updated. Motivated to do some shuffling.

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    Re: Trade Block

    tough crowd

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    Re: Trade Block

    I’m interested. What are you looking for mostly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by perrycarter View Post
    I’m interested. What are you looking for mostly?
    Nothing really in particular. I don’t really have any major needs tbh. Picks/prospects are always welcome.


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