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Thread: Draft question

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    Draft question

    P Dale Murphy was showing #1 on my available list today when my pick was up, so I left him there...only to see another pitcher drafted in his place.

    Just wondering how that happened.

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    Re: Draft question

    When I look at the draft results I see that Murphy went to Long Island one pick before you? So he wouldn't have been available anymore.

    But if you think anything else may have happened please post it in the Issues/Bugs forum since the draft is all an automated function of the game now!

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    Re: Draft question

    Yeah I saw that.

    What's weird is that it said my pick was up and Murphy was still listed as #1 among my available players. Not that it's earth shattering or anything, but I'd definitely have picked a guy other than the one I received at #2, if Murphy would not have been showing as available.

    Probably a glitch. I guess I should have planned for one and set someone at #2, as well.

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    Re: Draft question

    My biggest problem so far has been going through and updating the draft list order, but then forgetting to press the save button. But that is on me!


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