Time for a complete reset in Albany after missing the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Several players who could help a team get to the next level are available. Looking for picks or equivalent prospects.

Richard Neal, 28 -- mid first https://www.csfbl.com/player/5023489/view
Ronald Lee, 28 -- mid first https://www.csfbl.com/player/4976266/view
Andrew Long, 30 -- late first/early 2nd https://www.csfbl.com/player/5036980/view

Mike Trout, 32 -- basically a DH but just won his 5th MVP. Worth a top-10 pick but how many contenders have a top 10 pick? https://www.csfbl.com/player/4805878/view
Adam Weston, 30 (SS) -- 3x MVP, 5x Gold Glove at SS. Probably worth even more than Trout and could pay off big-time for someone. https://www.csfbl.com/player/4843139/view
Shawn Christensen, 34 (LF) -- .283/34/103 last season. Late first or early 2nd. https://www.csfbl.com/player/4831147/view
Garth Hamman, 33 (C) -- .274/.393/.508/.901 last year. All-star the past 4 seasons. Late first or early 2nd. https://www.csfbl.com/player/4843183/view