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Thread: New Amateur Draft System! Please Read!

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    New Amateur Draft System! Please Read!

    Most are probably aware, but perhaps some are not. CSFBL has a new live draft system that will now be utilized across all leagues. It is vital that you know, and understand, how it works. The following was posted by Brian DeMarzo on the CSFBL Community Forums Announcement Thread back on November 18. If you haven’t read it yet please do so now.

    you should also watch this 4 minute video that provides a short overview of the new draft process :

    Major Update to Amateur Draft
    All leagues, at the start of their next season, will automatically switch to a new “sequential” amateur draft process. This will dramatically change the way teams and leagues run their drafts, giving more control and flexibility.

    Currently, the draft happens all at once. You order all 80 players in the draft, and on July 15 of each season, all three rounds of the draft happen at once. You get your highest-ranked pick in each round based on who is available. There is no ability to adapt based on who has been picked ahead of you.

    Going forward, the draft will happen over the course of 72 “game days”. The first pick happens on May 21 of each season. Every game day thereafter, the next pick happens, giving each owner time to readjust their draft list based on who has been picked ahead of them. As players are picked, they are removed from a team’s draft list, so you are only ordering the players remaining in the draft. You can now adjust your picks based on exactly who is available in the draft, throughout the draft, until the last pick is made on July 31.

    The new draft process works as follows.

    • April 15 – draft list appears; teams can start ordering their draft picks.
    • May 21 – draft starts; first overall pick is selected.
    • May 22 through July 30 – draft continues, with one pick per day.
    • July 31 – last pick of draft; draft lists disappear (no longer relevant).

    A few key notes:

    • The new draft system will take effect for each league after the end of their current season. Seasons in progress (regardless of where they are in the current season) will use the current draft system. After the flip to the next year, they will be automatically flagged to use the new draft system going forward.
    • Prior to this release, all pending trades that include draft picks will be canceled. This is a necessary one-time operation as part of the upgrade. Impacted owners will be notified.
    • Each league enforces a limit of 20 players in low minors. If your team already has 20 players in low minors when it is your turn to take your draft pick, you will skip that pick only (not the remainder of the draft).
    • The daily draft picks towards the end of the sim process, after games are simulated. This is different from the current (“all at once”) sim process, which runs before games are simulated.
    • After your pick is completed, your drafted player is moved to your low minors immediately. This is a small additional benefit to early picks over later picks.
    • You can trade draft picks any time during the draft as long as the pick has not already occurred. Once a draft pick occurs, any trades for that pick are automatically canceled.
    • All players not drafted become free agents, just as today.


    • League home page has a panel with amateur draft information, showing upcoming picks and completed picks. When the draft is completed, the top 5 overall picks are shown for the current season.
    • League Amateur Draft pages have been updated to reflect the new amateur draft system. One master table now shows all draft picks for the entire draft for the season. Future picks will show the game day and estimated time before that pick will take place; completed picks will show the player selected.


    • Team Amateur Draft pages have been updated to reflect the new amateur draft system. On the draft page you will see your completed and upcoming picks (for the current season), and the draft list (players remaining in the draft) for you to order. Once the draft is complete, you will only see the completed picks. (There is no draft list to show once the draft is completed.)
    • Team Schedule page now shows separate W-L totals for each round of the playoffs.
    • Fixed an issue where you were unable to remove players from the trade block.


    • Your Franchise page now shows each team’s next draft pick, with a highlight if that team is on the clock (they have the next pick).
    • Team ordering on the franchise page has been adjusted so teams in pending leagues show up after teams in active leagues, and teams not in leagues show last.
    • Users will get email notifications related to the amateur draft:
      • when the draft list is first revealed (Apr 15); and
      • when your team is on the clock (you have the next draft pick).

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    Re: New Amateur Draft System! Please Read!

    Valuable info, thanks for posting!


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