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Thread: Wow! What a streak!

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    Wow! What a streak!

    Carolina Fury are now awaiting their 10th straight World Series appearance, having won 6 of 9 in that span.
    Only one batter , 1B Lamar Cannon, and one pitcher, Luis Hill, are Top 10 picks, both #5 selections.
    Amazing job, Dbacksfan72!

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    Re: Wow! What a streak!

    Thanks! Though being down 0-2 right now doesn't look promising for adding another win...

    Hill deserves the credit for most of the success. 9 straight Cy Young awards, 44-5 with a 1.61 ERA across those 10 seasons of playoffs.

    We also had the benefit of another top 5 pick, Robert Peralta, up until a couple seasons ago.


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