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Thread: Season Discussion

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    Season Discussion

    As of league date 6/5:

    LeagueTeam IDTeam NameUserHuman RecordDrone RecordrDiff Humans/GrDiff Drones/GRent Advance Odds%
    AL West87278Seam CleaversCyMaddux3122-1122-02.753.6462.50%
    NL West87308Snow Ice Windsnowwind21-1521-01.382.2752.00%
    AL East87330Party Wolfperrycarter22-1322-01.221.8657.30%
    NL East87254Carleton SwingersClayton Kershaw22-1322-11.221.8663.70%
    AL West87277Wrigleyville Meat Sweatschristo042524-1124-31.111.6937.50%
    NL West87306Fleeting WondersJerry Park21-1721-00.921.7526.80%
    NL East87262Carpenter Cowboyswfn7118-1818-00.691.1344.50%
    NL West87305NY BombersDreamNY20-1520-10.620.9518.20%
    NL West87300Beyond HydroDomebenmc21-1521-00.61161.90%
    AL East87324'83 Oriolesbobcat101820-1620-00.470.7750.10%
    AL West87284Zubaz gib me yo cashlhu16720-1320-10.390.5253.30%
    AL East87331Franchise FourSlickLaptop17-1917-10.380.6321.40%
    AL East87212Usain Boltsbigdbpimpin120-1820-10.340.6542.80%
    NL West87302Buffalo Sluggersdjay0589718-1718-10.280.4332.60%
    NL East87255Binopolis TOC Jaysgsabino16-2016-00.270.455.80%
    NL East87261Cobbs Drone SlayersTyrusCobb20-1620-10.190.3137.50%
    AL East87328Luckless Forum Jinxjkoller20-1620-00.160.2713.20%
    NL East87256Alan Wallnerjdub6719-1719-00.130.2225.50%
    AL West87285Montreal All the waySuperbigred196016-2016-
    NL East87260Lake Mary LegionRyckyRych18-1718-0-0.0-0.017.50%
    AL East87329Bali Boysjpax7317-2117-0-0.0-0.18.10%
    AL West87283Cygnus X-1 A Farewell To KingsFyewiks16-1916-1-0.1-0.29.30%
    AL West87286Cerebrospinal Fluid BallersV.I. Incandenza20-1820-0-0.2-0.432.70%
    AL East87325R2 D2DiMo16-1916-2-0.4-0.64.80%
    NL West87307Orlando The Greatorlando1716-1916-1-0.5-0.73.00%
    NL East87215Atlantis SasquatchAndreltonSimmons16-1916-0-0.5-0.85.00%
    NL West87250Stanley Basin Pudding MastersArizona Cats14-2414-1-1.2-2.32.70%
    AL West87280Renwer Rascalsdk16112-2612-3-1.7-3.30.00%
    AL West87279Best at Fake BaseballDbacksfan7212-2412-0-1.8-2.90.00%
    NL East87259Detroit Wolverinesnurmdog13-2213-1-1.9-30.50%
    AL East87323Springfield Isotopesbmikes13-2313-0-2.1-3.42.30%
    NL West87301Montreal ExposDADDY18713-2213-0-2.1-3.22.80%
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    When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

    - Yogi Berra

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    Lhu is a baller

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    Re: Season Discussion

    LeagueDrone GamesDrone Losses
    AL East1744
    AL West18010
    NL East1803
    NL West1764
    When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

    - Yogi Berra

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    Lhu is a baller

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    Re: Season Discussion

    Thanks for fun ride , it was fun and i hope the next one will be earlier in the year , like should be over by thanksgiving

    Happy New Year to you and your families and friends

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