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Thread: San Francisco Trade Block

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    San Francisco Trade Block

    Giants are looking for hitting.

    We have pitching, picks and prospects available. Will update OP shortly.

    SS Michael Harbison - 29 yo offense only guy
    All other veteran hitters might be available

    Prospects/Young Guys
    3B Leonard Drew - 26 yo with lots of 3B RA + SL
    LF Chris Tanner - 24 yo with tons of RA, can transfer to 3B. Has offense.
    CF Richard Gilbert - 22 yo lefty batter with RA as highest rating for CF. Has offense great SL and solid DI BA.
    3B Phillip Griffin - 18 yo with lots of DI with some SL, 606k so very high salary for age, likely underscout.
    2B George Mann - 20 yo with 1M, RA specialist with SL at 2B. This guy isn't cheap, probably won't deal him.
    CF Mike Salisbury - 19 yo 1M - offensive specialist DI BA SP guy. Your future leadoff man?
    SP Michael Wheeler - 22 yo 1.3m, almost ready. PO FI CO with some EN, lefty.
    SP James Green - 22 yo 1.5m lefty, almost ready. PO FI SY with EN.
    P Edward Ovellette - 21 yo 854k RHP, big FI with CO. Your furture groundball SP?

    All picks available.
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