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Thread: AL West Division Alignment Lottery

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    AL West Division Alignment Lottery


    Hi All,

    Clone has asked me to run the Division Alignment and Draft order lotteries just like I do in Redraft Money League. We will start with the division alignment lottery. Here is how it works:

    This is the teams in the AL East in alphabetical order:
    1. Christo0425
    2. cymaddux
    3. dbacksfan72
    4. dk161
    5. Fyewicks
    6. lhu167
    7. Superbigred1960
    8. V.I. Incandenza

    The number next to your name represents your lottery ball number. We will be using the Pick 3/Daily 3 lotteries from the following states: CA, TX, FL. The lotteries are run multiple times per day. Please ignore any "fireball" or extra balls. Only the normal pick 3 numbers are used. Each drawing will provide us with numbers that will determine the draft order. If a number has already been picked it is ignored and if a number does not correspond to a team (0 and 9) then it is also ignored. We will keep using the Daily 3 until all spots are filled. For the division alignment, the first 4 teams picked in the drawings are in one division and the rest of the teams make up the other division. The draft order lottery will determine the draft order starting with slot 1 and ending with slot 8.

    Pick 3 lotto results for:
    11/25 TX morning
    11/25 TX day
    11/25 FL midday
    11/25 CA midday
    11/25 CA evening
    11/25 FL evening
    11/25 TX evening
    11/25 TX night
    repeat for the next day as needed. I am not sure if all states will be doing drawings on Thanksgiving day so if they don't we will skip it, if they do we will use it.

    Once the divisions are aligned I will post the results and then I will start the process for the draft order lottery in the same way by posting the lottery schedule.
    86 88 93 94 96 97 00 02 04 11 12 13 53

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    Re: AL West Division Alignment Lottery

    11/25 TX morning numbers: 2-3-1

    One division will have Christo0425, cymaddux, dbacksfan72. Next number will determine last spot in this division. Remaining will be in the other division.

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    Re: AL West Division Alignment Lottery

    the TX day numbers were 1-4-1 yesterday so top for alphabetical names are in one division. Clone has sorted the teams already. See other thread for Draft Order lottery.


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