Looks like my team is going to be ready to compete in 2136. I've got one of the best offenses you've probably ever seen. But, I don't have much pitching.


This guy is going to be a very valuable pitcher, but he's going need a good 3 more years of max development. He won't get that here, so I'm willing to move him for a 21-25yr old SP of equal value ready to pitch now. This deal would be ideal for a team who is more towards the beginning of a rebuild process. I don't normally trade equal value moving up in age.

I also have some OFers which are movable asap. I'd like a quality young SP (like above) or solid 1st round picks.

https://www.csfbl.com/player/5011270/view (27yr .839OPS)
https://www.csfbl.com/player/5046411/view (26yr .783 OPS)
https://www.csfbl.com/player/4912618/view (34yr old still peaked, +7 platoon .835 OPS vs RHP)