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Thread: Tournament of champions owner game

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    Re: Tournament of champions owner game

    There is somebody who believes in me!! I'll never forget you for that
    I've been playing this game for 5 years and have done alright I think in terms of consistently being a threat and showing up quite high in rankings when they are done.
    I'm just happy to be involved, but will be taking everything I have learned in those five years to give this my all and am going for the glory!

    I wasn't sure if I would enter this game though as I really have no idea! We can look at the titles won by us all in the last two years but is that really an accurate predictor for this?
    To be honest I couldn't say and may as well just put any five names. There are so many great mangers here and all in this for good reason.

    1. JKoller - Because he had me in his list
    2. Bobcat - Because in chat he mentioned my 4/5 titles in TTD.
    3. DK161 - Because he's in the league I am commissioner.
    4. RyckRych - Because he has won so many titles.
    5. Slick - Because he's played for SO long.

    Quote Originally Posted by jkoller View Post
    1, pimp because we all hate him
    2. AndreltonSimmons, for defense
    3. Benmc
    4. Lhu
    5. Slick
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    Re: Tournament of champions owner game

    I like to pick underdogs based upon hunches so I am not picking Pimp in the AL East. Instead I will go with my friend Perry since he invented the system. Slick will come in last so it will give him the opportunity to say he lost because of stadium size.

    Going with Christo in the AL West because he was dominant in all the 55k hard capped leagues which is the most difficult format

    NL East is easy CK because he was the one that invented Cooperstown Finest and won every title. Also he has won redraft previously.

    Finally the NL West will easily be won by the Goat himself Orlando. Another CF Legend

    Good luck to all.

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    Re: Tournament of champions owner game

    My list is very scientific. I wrote down guys that I know have been looking at the draft lists last few days, I threw out the redraft owners cause they probably already have a bunch of support anyway, and then I used random number generator to order the remaining guys. No pressure, but DO NOT FAIL ME, I need Jar to give me money that I didn't win in college football pool.

    1. bobcat - make it happen
    2. benmc - made the first pick of the tourney
    3. lhu - is doing a ton of work to help organize this thing and deserves better than 3rd but oh well
    4. Superbigred - good morning
    5. VI - I'm not going to look up the other part of his name
    86 88 93 94 96 97 00 02 04 11 12 13 53

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    Re: Tournament of champions owner game

    1 perry carter
    2 Ihu167
    3 Clayton Kershaw
    4 Jerry park
    5 Arizona Cats
    6 Bigpimpin.

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