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Thread: AOR Die Hards 2078 Playoffs

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    AOR Die Hards 2078 Playoffs

    ...The 2078 season has come to a close, and the AOR Die Hards 2078 Playoffs will be underway shortly, and this is how the teams involved match up:

    ...In Division 1, the 92-68 Winnipeg Goldeyes will host the 87-73 Barrowland Dominators. Division 2 features the 98-62 Flagstaff Giants with the
    88-72 Seattle Grinders.
    ...Division 3 has the 88-72 Arizona Dust Devils facing off against the 83-77 Northlands Polar Bears, while in Division 4, the 98-62 Murrieta Mayhem play the 86-74 Frankfurt Eagles.

    ...More to follow...


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    Re: AOR Die Hards 2078 Playoffs

    Congrats Flagstaff. I knew it would be difficult as I had to ride my only decent pitchers hard to make the playoffs. Seattle may be headed for a rebuild.
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    Re: AOR Die Hards 2078 Playoffs

    ...Ok, the first round results are in....
    ...In Conference 1 its the 87-73 Barrowland Dominators facing off against the 98-62 Flagstaff Giants. The Giants held a slight 5-4 edge during the regular season against the Doms, should be an interesting series.
    ...In Conference 2, its the 83-77 Northland Polar Bears versus the surprising 86-74 Frankfurt Eagles. The Eagles pulled off one of the biggest upsets in league history against last years World Champion 98-62 Murrieta Mayhem,who have dominated the Series for the last 4 seasons, winning 2 of them. The Polar Bears went 6-3 against the Eagles this season.
    ...Looks like its anyone's title this season, with the Giants having a slight edge in playoff experience the last two World Series...
    ... "Yeah," said joebaseball, owner/manager of the Flagstaff Giants. "One can count losing the last two Die Hards' World Series as an experience, that's certain. I don't see any favorite this season, its a wide open field. We'll just have to take it one pitch, one game at a time and see how it plays out... Good luck to all teams in the playoffs this time around..."
    ...And its the first time in a long time I can recall an unowned team making it this far into the playoffs. Good job by the Commishes in making the league more balanced...

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    Re: AOR Die Hards 2078 Playoffs

    Quote Originally Posted by dl3mk3 View Post
    Congrats Flagstaff. I knew it would be difficult as I had to ride my only decent pitchers hard to make the playoffs. Seattle may be headed for a rebuild.
    ...Thanks, man. Ironically one of the major turning points in our season was signing former Seattle pitcher Gerard Hart, who went 2-1 with 29 saves and only 3 blown saves and a 2.21 era. He "saved" the season for the Giants when our own stopper floundered...
    ..With a lot of my own veterans turning grey, the Giants' time to rebuild is not far way, either.

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    Re: AOR Die Hards 2078 Playoffs

    ...With the Northland Polar Bears sweeping the Frankfurt Eagles 4-0, they take the Conference 2 Title and will meet the Conference 1 winners, the Flagstaff Giants. The two teams met for a 3 game series during the regular season, with the Polar Bears coming away with a 2 games to 1 series win.
    ...For the Giants, its their 3rd World Series appearance in a row, having lost the previous two to the Murrieta Mayhem.
    ...The Polar Bears are making their first World Series appearance since the 2045 season.
    ...The Polar Bears are 1-3 in World Series appearances...
    ...The Giants are 3-4 in World Series appearances...
    ...Good luck to both teams and.. Playball!!!



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