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Thread: 2036 Draft

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    Re: 2036 Draft

    fixed draft, read his PM wrong

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    Re: 2036 Draft

    With the 14th pick, the Shadows are pleased to select P Brian Weaver.

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    Re: 2036 Draft

    last block is up. everyone else set 2 round picks. the leage will go back to 8/day after the draft is updated saturday at 5 est

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    Re: 2036 Draft

    P James Garrow for Denver.

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    Sorry i missed my pick. In the middle of moving!

    Quote Originally Posted by Uyt236 View Post
    Block 1 due 11/20 at 5pm est

    1. Albany Shamrocks(SeekUpSaratoga) P Robert Strickland (post)
    2. Brooklyn SuperBAS(wolfpac255) P James Power (auto)
    3. Great Lakes Indians(BigJohn747) C Jose Hill (list)
    4. Laguna Leaping Lizards(Jondekoeyer) CF James Laird (list)
    5. Northwest Volcanoes(oracle) P Smokey Johnson (list)
    6. John 14 Sixers(Niquedunk)P Charles Christensen (list)

    Block 2 due 11/22 at 11 am est

    7. Thunder Bay Whiskey Jacks(Brusnap) CF Joseph Watkin (post)
    8. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(Misteri) P Wayne Evans (list)
    9. Vanndale Panthers(quietgoesthedon) 1b Antonio Calhoun (list)
    10. Savannah Bananas(Benmc) CF Andrew Cunningham (list)
    11. Washington Senators(ClintWilley) P Robert Smith (auto)
    12. Toledo Mud Hens(RyckyRych) LF WIlliam Bledsoe (list)

    Block 3 due 11/24 at 5pm est

    13. Fond du Lac Dock Spiders(Spaldo)P Scott Massey (post)
    14. Portland Shadows(Jerry Park) P Brian Weaver (post)
    15. Kansas City Monarchs(gsabino) 2b Hector Wood (list)
    16. St Louis Cardinals(Bluto21) Lf Braydon Keene (list)
    17. Toledo Mud Hens(RyckyRych) C Tom Robinson (list)
    18. Melville Millionaires(dk161) P Robert Kinser

    Block 3 due 11/27 at 5pm est

    19. Denver Zephyrs(Brock Landers) P James Garrow (post)
    20. Toledo Mud Hens(RyckyRych) P Paul Stclair (list)
    21. Seattle Admirals(oly3) P James Stevenson (auto)
    22. Frisco Rough Riders(macnizzle) P Michael Avery (list)
    23. Michigan Lakers(Lhu167) P Michael Markley (list)
    24. St. Louis Browns(SteveVessey) C Darren Marco (list)
    "...turns out you don't grip a baseball. Baseball grips you".

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