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Thread: Slowest Player Ever?

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    Re: Slowest Player Ever?

    How did he manage to steal a base, let alone 2?

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    Re: Slowest Player Ever?

    Off the top of my head I cant think of any Ive had in the past. My current slowest is 9 though. Super annoying bc I know how much better he'd be in my big park if he wasnt so damn slow.

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    Re: Slowest Player Ever?

    In once wrote this about my slowest player for the Norfolk Tides in Remake AAA:

    > Norfolk Tides RF Edward Childers had an off year last season, but is back hitting like the Tides super senior yoga analyst gregorgross always yelled at him he would have to. Childers has a .242/.339/.503 slashline, "which is barely acceptable" for someone who takes 2.4 mio $ off the Tides salary cap.

    > But what Childers is really good at is stealing bases, given that he has a deep blue SP rating of 16. In his career, he has stolen 4 bases and never got caught.

    > "He's somehow disappearing on one base and appearing on the other and in between he's not there. We looked at video and even the umps were astonished.", a league official said.

    > In other news, a 13 year old reporter from a Norfolk high school magazine won a Virginia Youth scifi story award last week. Her name was Louise Childers, by the way. The story was about an alien attack on Norfolk of all places and some kids went underground in a system of tunnels. In the story, apparently one of the tunnels was under the high school baseball field.

    After he was cut, he signed elsewhere and stole some other bases, but he started getting caught more often. Unscouted, he is shown as SP 9.
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