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Thread: 2000 Season

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    2000 Season

    The turn of the millenium is finally here. FSU is saying goodbye to two all time great Seminoles in 2B Will Williams and P Paul Vitiello.

    Williams accolades in his 4 seasons in Tallahassee are impressive. 2x AS (two incredible snubs, he should be a 4x AS), 3xSS, 1xGG, and 1xMVP. He posted a career slash of .321/.407/.571 and had two 30-30 seasons. He eclipsed 100 runs in every season and was 3 and 7 RBI shy of the 100RBI mark in every season. He locked down the keystone and the heart of the Seminole order for the past 4 seasons. It's no coincidence that in 3 of those seasons the Noles took home the division title. Despite Williams impressive career, you won't find his name in the Seminole All-Time record books due in large part to the incredible history FSU has in terms of position players.

    Vitiello, on the other hand, will go down as one of the greatest pitchers in Seminole history. His career line of 3.15ERA and 1.15WHIP may not appear impressive on the surface, but Paul won a staggering 96 games (25 in every season but his Freshman year), threw an incomprehensible 118 complete games and had 16 shut outs. For his trouble, he earned 4xAS, 1xGG, and 1xCY. He holds the top 2 spots in Seminole history for IP in a season, two of the top 5 seasons for WHIP, 3 of the top 5 for complete games, and 2 of the top 5 for shutouts in a season. For career numbers, his IP are second only to the great Brian Gomez (best pitcher in Seminole history). His 96 wins also bested only by Gomez at 102. Vitiello is 2nd all time for FSU in WHIP, 8th in Ks, 6th in ERA, 4th in QS, 1st in CG, and 4th in shut outs. His CY award was FSUs third between 1987 and 1997 (a tradition we hope can continue).

    FSU will try to find our way forward without these incredible players. FSU's offense flirted with greatness last season with Williams and Dwight Johnson in the heart of the lineup. While Johnson should continue to shine, the offense (which is what carried FSU as far as it went) will obviously take a big step back. Losing Vitiello also creates a huge void in our rotation. FSU has a pitcher waiting in the wings to become the ace of the staff, but he needs a grey-shirt season to truly be ready to take that on.

    Prediction for 2000: FSU wins between 85-88, down from our 98 last season.
    Playoff odds: possible, but not a sure thing. Let's call it 50%.
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    Re: 2000 Season

    Congratulations to Phil Hill for throwing the second no-hitter in Buckeyes history:
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    Re: 2000 Season

    Well, as we head into the back half of the season, the West is again a deathtrap. We have the league's top three teams by a significant margin, while also having the league's top four out of five teams by both record and run diff. Meanwhile, USC leads the league in run diff, and looks to sweep the major awards thanks to Fred Holland and David Ellwood, yet are still 3 games out of a playoff spot.
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    Re: 2000 Season

    Lead by Michael Little and Jon Farrand and a good defense it is again a strong season by PSU.
    The team was build with look for a good millenial season and its awesome that the team play well at the moment.
    Hope it continues.
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