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Thread: CSFBL Lists: Most despised MLB players

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    Re: CSFBL Lists: Most despised MLB players

    No Jose Canseco on list???
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    its.... okay
    Quote Originally Posted by Cardinalfan4life View Post
    Barry(Barroids) CHEATER, was just an above average player before he started the juice, robbed Albert Pujols of 4 NL MVPs and baseball of All-Time HR Record. asswhole to media and fans alike
    Roger(little rocket) again a *** to fans and media. robbed baseball of records and just a total jerk
    Alex(Aroid) *** to media and fans, earned illegitimate ranks all time
    Rafeal Palmero. never earned anything and lied under congressional and I try this were in jail 40 Years
    Milton Bradley. unlike previous 4 didnt cheat, but he was beyond arragonet and a total jerk to fans and media. an average mlbplayer with an all time worse mouth
    Just above average? Bahaha. Yeah three mvps in the early 90s, and should have been four. Pujols wasnt even in the league when bonds won his first three mvps (90-94). Pujols came up in 2001. Bonds came up in 1986.

    "Just above average" lol

    Yeah he juiced. Don't act like he was some meh player before that. Makes you look uninformed. Don't like the guy? That's different.
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    Re: CSFBL Lists: Most despised MLB players

    Without steroids, Bonds would probably be in the Hall of Fame. With Pittsburg, he had 2 MVP's and was 2nd once, had 3 gold gloves, led the league in OPS+ three times, led his team to the playoffs three times. It is pretty well believed that steroids didn't enter the equation until after he went to San Francisco, so those 7 years showed his ability.
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    Re: CSFBL Lists: Most despised MLB players

    Mark Teixiera
    Mark Trumbo
    Rod Carew
    Reggie Jackson
    Pedro Martinez

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    Re: CSFBL Lists: Most despised MLB players

    A little late to the conversation here...

    David Freese
    Alex Bregman
    Alex Rodriguez
    Derek Jeter
    Jose Conseco

    HM: Joe West

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    Re: CSFBL Lists: Most despised MLB players

    Texas Ranger fan edition?

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    Re: CSFBL Lists: Most despised MLB players

    Quote Originally Posted by wrigley_ivy View Post
    No Jose Canseco on list???
    Can't hate Canseco right now, he's got the best gas prices in Vegas

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    Re: CSFBL Lists: Most despised MLB players

    Derek Jeter, by far the most overrated player in the history of the game. He started winning Gold Gloves as a type of "lifetime achievement award" a year after he should have had the class to move off shortstop because of his declining range.
    George Bell, saw him ground out to short once, he jogged down to first, was thrown out by a mile. He touched the bag and walked - slowly - back to the dugout while the pitcher waited on the rubber for him to clear. Sure he was upset, but so what? The game isn't all about you.
    Paul O'Neill, way too cocky and arrogant in his interviews. His "kick ball" was a lucky break for him, his attitude should have benched him. A total punk.
    Keith Hernandez, a solid player with the Mets, but took advantage of a desperate Cleveland Indians team by signing a big contract and then quitting on the team.
    Torii Hunter, constant whiner when he played, especially when a pitch came inside. Once stared out at the pitcher for what he thought was an "up and in" pitch that was called a strike!


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