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Thread: October 2021 Update

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    October 2021 Update

    The October 2021 update to CSFBL will be released on Oct 20th at approximately 10pm EDT (-0400). There may be a brief period where the web site is unavailable. No sims will be impacted.

    Here's what's in the update ---

    New User Experience

    • Franchise page shows links to create/recruit a team when your franchise has no teams.
    • Activating a team has a refreshed UI and clearer actions and instructions.
    • New teams have links hidden which are not relevant until a team joins a league.
    • New leagues have links hidden which are not relevant until the league starts its first season.

    Help Pages (Wiki)

    • Password integration with the help site ( has been restored. Log in to the help site with your email address (not username) and password. If your password does not work, please go to your CSFBL account page and do a password change to re-sync it (you can keep your password the same, just enter it into both the password and confirm password fields and update). Thanks in advance for everyone who contributes!


    • Team abbreviations are now allowed to be up to 4 characters long (previously, limit was 3).
    • Trade proposal UI is updated, it now flows with the rest of the site. Also includes better player organization in lists, and visibility of players and draft picks that are not eligible to offer (since they are in another trade proposal).
    • Renaming a team mid-season properly updates the team's historical data for that season.
    • Changing pitching roles to something invalid gives better warnings.

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    Re: October 2021 Update

    Update is done! Any issues please post on the Issues/Bug Reports forum.


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