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Thread: I would like to bring up a new topic

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    Re: I would like to bring up a new topic

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoPint View Post
    I am very much against this for this league. I have other leagues I’m in with PSFAs and it’s fine, but I don’t want every league I’m in to have them.
    Now that we have a full league with 24 teams, there isn’t as much that differentiates this league…there are plenty of other leagues that offer PSFAs and I don’t see a compelling reason to do so here.

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    I agree, in some leagues it makes sense. In this league we have lots of talent and money, pick up a left and a right FA for your DH/RF/whatever and platoon them. You've got the money!
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    Re: I would like to bring up a new topic

    not for this league
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