Our team didn't win any championship for 18 seasons. We need to make hard decisions in hope of building something greater than a good team able to make the playoffs. So, we're putting on the trade market about every roster players over 25 year old. Amongst them, those are maybe the most interesting for teams who want to win it all right away or in the next few years:

Heath Ponds, C - Very good all around catcher. Averaging 25 HR and 90 RBI, good OBP.
Jerry Coleman, CF - Power, speed and range. 106 RBI last season.
Christopher Nguyen, SP - Veteran (34 yo), but still has good ratings. 19 wins last season.
James Locklear, stud SP - Elite pitcher, would be dominant with a better infield behind him.

Many more good players or pitchers also available (like LHP Joe Nixon and Stephen Brown).

Of course, we're looking for the usual, draft picks and prospects (under 24).

Hit me with your offers, we'll talk over it.

Have a great season everybody!