1) LEAGUE SALARY CAP - $75 Million Hard Cap - All Teams must be at the Cap by 4/1 of new season.

2) ROSTER CAP - All Teams will maintain a strict 40 Man Team Roster - This includes Active Roster, AAA and Low Minors. Owners must leave room on their Roster to add 3 Players at the time of the League Draft.

3) LIVE DRAFT - The League will conduct an Annual Live Draft. Rounds 1 & 2 will be Live and Round 3 will be an Auto Round. All unowned Teams will receive an Auto Pick. ANY TEAM THAT DOES NOT MAKE A SELECTION DURING THEIR ALLOTTED TIME FRAME WILL BE DROPPED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ROUND!

4) LOW MINOR ALLOCATIONS - No team shall leave Player 24 years of age or older in the Low Minors.

5) League Commissioners reserve the right to make any changes in League Rules as is deemed necessary - UNLESS a League Vote is taken to override said decisions.