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Thread: New league New Friends

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    New league New Friends

    Hey I’m Sithlord Commish in one of the oldest leagues in all of Csfbl…Under2minutes invited me to play as he wanted to fill up your league and I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys and FYI I love to make trades. I’m just taking stalk of my new team at the moment. As I said Under2minutes invited me so he could fill his league, I spoke to him prior to sending this message and he said he was cool with it so I have 6 spots available in a StarWars themed league It is an open league that has rules to build parity so all teams have a chance to win. If you join please see the posting in the forum call RULE 24. I would love to get some true Star Wars fans who are also active traders.

    Thanks again and hope to see some of you in both this and my league


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    Re: New league New Friends

    Nobody wants to play in a very old league?

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    Re: New league New Friends

    our forums are definitely a weak point in Psi Phi - maybe we have enough newer blood to get them going again

    go check out this Star Wars league!

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    Re: New league New Friends

    Thanks for the push U2M


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