Today we launch an Official CSFBL Discord Server today, which you can access HERE. This server is meant to supplement our current forums, not replace them.

There is no official business that is being done there that you won’t be able to find on the current forums – this is solely being used as a voluntary means for additional socializing. If you love the current forums and think we already spend an appropriate amount of time with each other, you can continue to use the forums and ignore said Discord server.

Additional Questions:

  1. Why???? Discord is a social platform used by a ton of folks for gaming, including some members of this community that have tried it out for their leagues. We think it is worth exploring what it can add to our community.
  2. What if I don’t like Discord? Discord is not for everyone, and many of us are still learning the ropes over there. If you don’t want to use Discord, the most effective course of action is to not use Discord.
  3. I’m trying it…what am I looking at? There are about a dozen different channels marked by # on the server that are very similar to the current forum subgroups, and even a voice channel as apparently some people like to talk to each other. There is specifically a channel, #discord-noobs, for everyone that is trying to learn how to Discord correctly. Please try and help each other out, and maybe we can make this thing work for us.
  4. Can my league add their own channel(s) to the server? Give us a little bit of time to get through some of the initial speedbumps, and then we can talk about extending that power to leagues. All leagues should respect that some of their owners won’t be interested in trying this.