WS Champs looking to shed some salary and make room for prospects to come up. Any numbers listed are 5 pts scouting

LF Thomas Clarke - 33 - Switch hitter - 83-56-83-90, no decline on offensive ratings yet
RF Lance Summers - 29 - 52-98-65-94
3B James Keane - 31 - 74-68-95-55, no decline on offensive ratings yet
SS Jesus Tate - 28 - I see 97 RA with the current 5 scout, but I'm pretty sure he was a 98 RA with full scout. Affordable elite defense.
2B Albert McFarlin - 29 - 99-79-62 on defense (Full scout was 100 RA--he was a high RA SS converted to 2B). He's been the GG winner every year of his career. I'm less inclined to move him this year because his replacement needs 1 more year in the lows so he can convert to 2B. However, I can move Tate over from SS as his replacement is ready or run my backup 2B out there for 1 season, so he can move if someone is interested.

I'm mostly interested in pitching, picks, or prospects.